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Pom Pom Island

Nice and easy diving in a remote and beautiful island. Good spot for macro diving and underwater photography. Pulau Pom Pom is a great place to relax in the Celebes Sea in Sabah, Borneo.

Pom Pom Island Diving Review

Mataking Island

Great place for easy diving and snorkelling with beautiful reefs and coral gardens. Interesting macro diving, all in a remote and beautiful Island. Pulau Mataking is the place to be if you want to feel like Robin Crusoe with all the comforts.

Mataking Island Diving Review

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Great Drift Dives, amazing place for underwater photography. Good chance of spotting Manta Rays and Whale Sharks!

Maldives Diving Review


Aqaba has all the beauty that the Red Sea has to offer but with out the usual crowds of Eilat and Egypt. Aqaba is also a great base for exploring the other historical sites around Jordan.

Aqaba Diving Review

Musandam, Oman

Great diving in beautifully preserved dive sites. Excellent chances of spotting a Whale Shark and rare critters for Macro Lovers!

Musandam, Oman Diving Review


Nuweiba is the Red Sea’s Macro and Muck diving paradise and is home to a variety of marine life not seen elsewhere.

Nuweiba Diving Review

Marsa Alam

Excellent Scuba Diving with great chances of spotting Dolphins, Dugongs, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks. Access to famous dive sites of Elphinstone Reef and Abu Dabbab! Very Good Visibility.

Marsa Alam Diving Review


The Dahab Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in the World. Beautiful hard and soft coral and excellent visibility.

Dahab Diving Review


Lots of good wrecks to dive and good place for Underwater Photography. Starting Point for Liveaboards to the South Red Sea. Very Good Visibility and good place to learn scuba diving.

Hurghada Diving Review

Sharm El Sheikh

Magnificent Reefs at Ras Mohammed and one of the best dive site in the World, the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm.

Sharm El Sheikh Diving Review

Red Sea

The Red Sea is home to an array of amazing reefs with a teeming marine life, pelagic fishes, Reef Sharks, Dolphins and even the very rare Dugong!

Red Sea Diving Review

Tioman island

Nice and easy diving in clear water and beautiful coral reefs. Good location to take diving courses.

Tioman island Diving Review

Perhentian Islands

Nice and easy diving with nice coral and rich marine life. The snorkelling is very good with many harmless blacktip reef sharks.

Perhentian Islands Diving Review

Langkawi Island

Easy and relaxing diving for all level divers. Good wreck diving opportunities.

Langkawi Island Diving Review


Big fishes Land! Incredible Marine Life with tons of fishes everywhere... Fantastic coral and very good visibility.

Sipadan Diving Review

Mabul Island

Muck Diving Paradise and superb playground for macro photography with rare critter species.

Mabul Island Diving Review

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Layang Layang

Schooling Hammerheads Sharks!!! Outstanding visibility, marine life, and pristine coral...

Layang Layang Diving Review


Very good muck and wreck diving with superb coral. Good chances to spot a whale Shark during the season.

Lankayan Diving Review


Hundreds of dive sites to explore, including some of the most pristine reefs on earth, great Muck diving, remote islands as well as touristy spots... Malaysia has it all!

Malaysia Diving Review

Kapalai, Sabah

Very easy and shallow Macro diving. Great place for underwater photography and Night Diving.

Kapalai, Sabah Diving Review


Wakatobi has some of the finest coral in the world, amazing biodiversity and one of the best places in the world for macro photography! On the right day, the visibility can be outstanding!

Wakatobi Diving Review

Raja Ampat

Richest Reef in the World, Amazing Biodiversity, Wonderful Coral, perfect place for underwater photography.

Raja Ampat Diving Review

Gili Islands, Lombok

Diving in Gili islands is great for swimming with Turtles! It can also be a great spot to take your next diving course as the dives here are relatively cheap.

Gili Islands, Lombok Diving Review

Lembeh Strait

Best Muck Diving in the World! One of the Best spot in the World for Macro Underwater Photography. Amazing Biodiversity!

Lembeh Strait Diving Review

Bunaken, Manado

Diving in Bunaken is just fantastic for wall Diving, Coral gardens, endless visibility, incredible biodiversity. Also staying on an isolated island is something really special to experience!

Bunaken, Manado Diving Review