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Liveaboard Diving in RAJA AMPAT

Want to dive with several species of Sharks, Barracudas and Manta Rays all in one place? Raja Ampat boasts a wide range of marine flora and fauna, making it a world-class dive destination and one of the best dive spots in the planet. So prepare your dive gear and prepare yourself for an incredible liveaboard experience!


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scuba diving raja ampat liveaboard

This gorgeous view of Raja Ampat gives a glimpse of how awesome and spectacular is the underwater scene of the archipelago!

The exotic Raja Ampat, which is located in the West Papua Province of Indonesia, is truly a fantastic and wonderful dive spot. The region consists of more than a thousand islands with four of it’s main islands called Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo.

The archipelago offers a stunning display of massive coral reefs and immense schools of fish. Plus, if you love Pygmy Seahorses then Raja Ampat is the perfect dive site to find or spot these cute and tiny seahorses. As well as being an amazing dive spot, this is certainly an underwater photographers paradise!

With it’s rich marine life, it’s no wonder why Raja Ampat is one of the World’s best diving spots!

With it’s breathtaking seascape and awesome dive sites, there’s no greater way to explore the archipelago but by Liveaboard! Liveaboard in Raja Ampat will let you experience the best and finest dive sites in the archipelago!


Best time to go on a Raja Ampat Liveaboard:

Raja Ampat is known to have rather temperamental and sometimes unpredictable weather. But guests should not worry since liveaboard operators carefully plan out their respective tours and itineraries to ensure their guests are completely comfortable and safe.

So when exactly is the best time to do liveaboard in Rajah Ampat?

Although there are some boats/vessels that offer trips all year round, liveaboard aficionados recommend the month of October or November to be the perfect time to head out on the water. If you can’t make it in October or November, you can still do liveaboard for the rest of Raja Ampat’s dry season, which covers October to April, where the sea is still expected to be steady and calm.

It is important to note that liveaboard is discouraged from May to September because strong, heavy winds and rains are more likely to occur. However, if you are willing to brave the conditions and want to see and dive with Manta Rays, you can still go on a liveaboard from May to October.



Raja Ampat Liveaboard routes:


raja ampat liveaboard route from sorong, papua in indonesia

Most of the liveaboard vessels departs from the coastal city known as Sorong. The islands of Misool, Wayag, Fam and Waigeo are some of the dive destinations of liveaboard tours.

Generally, liveaboards depart from Sorong. Sorong is located in the Indonesian Province of West Papua. To ensure maximum convenience for their guests, liveaboard operators usually offer transfer services from Sorong Airport and hotels directly to and from their boats or vessels.

Most of the liveaboard vessels depart from the coastal city known as Sorong. The islands of Misool, Wayag, Fam and Waigeo are some of the dive destinations of liveaboard tours.

Liveaboard diving in Raja Ampat are mostly conducted around the island of Misool, where several water caves are waiting to be explored. The blue water mangroves near Misool is a superb dive site as well, while divers will surely be awed by the excellent coral reefs and rich marine life of Wayag Island, Fam Island and Waigeo Island.

Aside from the schools of fish and rays; dolphins and whales can also be encountered in Dampier Straight. Due to that fact, some liveaboards are now offering tours that incorporate SCUBA diving with whale or dolphin watching with Marine Mammals experts on board. Now that liveaboard experience is worth trying, right?

raja ampat liveaboard departure map

Vessels that depart from Ambon is more likely to end or stop in Sorong.
Due to Raja Ampat’s unpredictable weather, liveaboards routes can change anytime.

Along with those departing from Sorong, some liveaboards also offer trips that start from Ambon, which is the capital of Maluku State. Trips that start in Ambon usually visit the Banda Sea, where several volcanic islands are located. Said volcanic islands have spectacular corals reefs and variety of fish like Manta Rays, Hammerhead Sharks, Barracudas and many other pelagic fishes.




Want to do liveaboard diving but with limited budget? Worry no more as there are a lot of vessels, which offer tours to Raja Ampat at prices that will suit your budget.

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  1. This place is the best to dive. Never seen place like this before, I’ve been to Guatemala. Wonder why this place isn’t so popular as it should be.

  2. I am interested in discussing liveaboard options for July and August, 2014. My wife and I will have a flexible schedule to come to Raja Ampat. Thank you.

    • Have you had any luck finding a good liveaboard option for August?
      Looking to be on board for between 7 to 9 days

  3. Hi!
    I will be travelling around Indonesia from 22 April to 15 May. During this time I would like to enjoy a liveaboard diving trip in Raja Ampat. I would like to knowm if you have disponibility and the prices on this dates.
    Thank you!!
    Salute you!

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  6. Hi there,

    im planning a LOB dive trip this Nov/Dec and im hoping to go somewhere beautiful to dive. was wondering
    – which are the Places that you’ll offer for LOB
    – Max number of pax
    – Price

    contact me via whatsapp +65 92717212

    Jerald Foo

    • hey man!

      im from singapore too and looking to dive raja ampat this december. i’ll be going alone so some company would be cool! lets keep in touce!

      +65 91066583

  7. There are plenty of sharks to be seen in Raja Ampat from white and black tipped reef sharks to whale sharks and even some rarer ones such as wobbegong shark. Wobbegong sharks are fascinating bottom dwelling sharks, flat with a long tail and what looks like a beard on their mouth they really are a photographer’s dream.

  8. Hello.
    We are a dive club from Belgium. We would like to come to Raja Ampat to do a week long safari with about 20 dives. I would like to do a full boat charter for minimum 20 divers. Dates can be from mid Jan to end feb 2019. We will easily be able to fill a boat. Last year we went to Komodo and had 40 people so we did 2 groups back to back weeks.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  9. Hello, I’m Sandra Martinez, I’m SSI open water instructor. I’m working in Thailand but me and my boyfriend are looking for new experiences, we want to ask you if you are interested in hiring. We both are instructors with more than 250 certification each. If you want we can send you our cv

    Thank you

    • Hi Sandra, we replied through Facebook message.

      Divezone doesn’t hire instructors, we are a website, not a dive center.
      Here for the Job Board, , where you will see job offers from dive centers around the world.

      Best of luck in your search!

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