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Great Escape

The 24 meters Great Escape is an operati … Continue reading

Great Escape Liveaboard Review


The 24 meters Jambo is a catamaran, oper … Continue reading

Jambo Liveaboard Review

Aqua Tiki II

The 18 meters Aqua Tiki II operates as a … Continue reading

Aqua Tiki II Liveaboard Review


The 22 meters Queen Esia is a liveaboard … Continue reading

QueenEsia Liveaboard Review

KM Bidadari

The 37 meters Bidadari is a liveaboard c … Continue reading

KM Bidadari Liveaboard Review

MV Tarata

Owned by the Grand Komodo Fleet, the MV … Continue reading

MV Tarata Liveaboard Review

MV Nusa Tara

The 20 meters Nusa Tara operates as a li … Continue reading

MV Nusa Tara Liveaboard Review

MV Putri Papua

The Putri Papua is a 26 meters wooden sc … Continue reading

MV Putri Papua Liveaboard Review

MV Temu Kira

The 33 meters TemuKira is a liveaboard o … Continue reading

MV Temu Kira Liveaboard Review

Yasawa Princess

The Yasawa Princess is a cruise ship whi … Continue reading

Yasawa Princess Liveaboard Review


The 26 meters Manthiri is a liveaboard c … Continue reading

Manthiri Liveaboard Review

Nautilus Two

The 43 meters Nautilus Two is a liveaboa … Continue reading

Nautilus Two Liveaboard Review

Nautilus One

The 30 meters Nautilus One liveaboard of … Continue reading

Nautilus One Liveaboard Review

Don Questo

The Don Questo is a former trawling vess … Continue reading

Don Questo Liveaboard Review

Le Baron Noir

The 22 meters liveaboard “Le Baron Noir” … Continue reading

Le Baron Noir Liveaboard Review

Brown Dhow

The Brown Dhow is a liveaboard offering … Continue reading

Brown Dhow Liveaboard Review

Red Dhow

The Red Dhow is a liveaboard of the Al M … Continue reading

Red Dhow Liveaboard Review

Queen of Musandam

The 24 meters long Queen of Musandam liv … Continue reading

Queen of Musandam Liveaboard Review

MY Rosetta

The 33 meters liveaboard MY Rosetta has … Continue reading

MY Rosetta Liveaboard Review

MY Whirlwind

The 36 meters Whirlwind liveaboard has d … Continue reading

MY Whirlwind Liveaboard Review

Okeanos Xplorer

The Okeanos Xplorer is a 32 meters livea … Continue reading

Okeanos Xplorer Liveaboard Review

Vita Xplorer

The 39 meters Vita Xplorer is a liveaboa … Continue reading

Vita Xplorer Liveaboard Review

MY Infiniti

The 40 meters MY Infiniti is one of the … Continue reading

MY Infiniti Liveaboard Review