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tips for beginner scuba diver

Review of the MV Blue Manta

“I had the pleasure of doing a week-long liveaboard post-Covid with this ship and its amazing crew and owner. Being an American our expectations are high for service and amenities and this boat did not disappoint. The staff is amazing (they handle all your gear from the time you board until the end), the food was amazing and had variety, and the diving was phenomenal. After diving with another boat in Bali I can tell you do not book with any other operator, these guys are the BEST and love what they do. The ship is also WAY better in person than in photos! “

Philip Rousseaux

Liveaboard Reviews

Find the most up to date Liveaboard reviews for the following underwater destinations:

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Best diving photographs

Most beautiful Scuba Diving Pictures this month!

The best pictures of the month… If you are an underwater photographer and you would like to showcase your pictures, please contact us and we will be happy to publish your quality photographs.

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scuba diving with sharks
scuba diving with dolphins
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Liveaboards of the month

KM Black Manta

. Please note… The Black Manta has bee

KM Black Manta Liveaboard Review

MV Ambai

The MV Ambai 2012, is a newly built 32-m

MV Ambai Liveaboard Review

MV Pindito

MV Pindito is the only liveaboard vessel

MV Pindito Liveaboard Review


Please note… The Waow does not operate

WAOW Liveaboard Review

MSV Amira

MSV Amira is a wooden Phinisi which was

MSV Amira Liveaboard Review

MSY Damai 2

MSY Damai 2 is your ticket to Raja Ampat

MSY Damai 2 Liveaboard Review

SCUBA Diving paradise: Raja Ampat

Julien, the divezone creator just got back from Raja Ampat and returns with a complete review. Discover this fascinating scuba diving destination featuring an outstanding biodiversity full of life underwater. Read the complete review!

Raja Ampat

Richest Reef in the World, Amazing Biodiversity, Wonderful Coral, perfect place for underwater photography.

Raja Ampat Diving Review

Most requested Scuba destinations

Here you can find the most popular reviews. If you know a diving destination really well, you can write a review about it. If you would like to share an experience or your knowledge, you can also write an article on the scuba diving blog.

destination of the month


Great Drift Dives, amazing place for underwater photography. Good chance of spotting Manta Rays and Whale Sharks!

Maldives Diving Review


Thailand is renowned for its beautiful beaches and amazing dive sites. The country offers some of the best diving in the world with the famous Similan Islands and many other amazing spots like Koh Phi Phi and Ko Lanta islands in the Andaman sea.

Thailand Diving Review


Wolf Island and it's neighbor Darwin Island are the highlight of any Galapagos Islands Liveaboard.

Galapagos Diving Review


Diving in Indonesia will suit every diver's hopes and desires. In a land of opportunity, dive spots range from those suited to beginner divers wishing to learn in perfect easy conditions to unexplored dive sites with fierce currents for those more experienced divers looking for a challenge.

Indonesia Diving Review

Great Barrier Reef

Excellent Diving and liveaboard destination. Amazing spot for Big fishes, Sharks, superb coral and underwater photography. Most popular place in the World to learn scuba diving in Cairns. One of the best dive sites in the World with the Yongala Wreck!

Great Barrier Reef Diving Review


Diving in Bali is incredible for BIG Fishes, Macro Diving, Drift Diving and Excellent Visibility!

Bali Diving Review

Komodo Island

Diving in Komodo is all about action! It is BIG fishes land! With wonderful coral, it is just incredible diving all year round.

Komodo Island Diving Review

Beautiful Dive sites to discover

Some of the best dive sites in the World… Have you dived all of them?

What are your favorite ones?

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The USS Liberty Wreck is the most famous dive site in Bali. It is also one of the best sunken ship wrecks in the world! ...
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Crystal Bay is a very good dive site in Bali but reserved to experienced divers as the current can be quite strong and d...
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This excellent dive site situated in Nusa Penida is great for marine life. It consists of a slope with nice coral and no...

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