Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in Indonesia (update 2023)

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If you have dived in Indonesia before, please share your experiences: Dive spots you would recommend, which Dive Center you used, Fishes & Diving, Visibility, Currents, etc. Please post your comments in the section below, by doing so you will help fellow divers to plan their next trip ;)

Indonesia is a diver’s paradise, boasting over 3,000 distinct species of marine life, which significantly eclipses the 1,500 of the Great Barrier Reef and 600 in the Red Sea. Dive deep into the waters of Indonesia and discover vibrant reefs, intriguing muck dive sites like Lembeh Strait, and an array of majestic marine life including Manta Rays, Mola Mola, and schools of pelagic fishes.

Why Dive in Indonesia?

  • Unmatched Biodiversity: From the macro life wonders in the best muck diving spots, like Lembeh Strait in Sulawesi, to the larger attractions like Manta Rays, you’re in for an unparalleled experience.
  • Preserved Coral Reefs: Explore over 600 species of coral! Dive into pristine sites in Bunaken, Raja Ampat, Komodo, and Bali.
  • Beginner-friendly: Learn scuba diving affordably in regions like the Gili Islands, Lombok.

Top Scuba Diving Destinations in Indonesia:

Indonesia, a sprawling archipelago of over 17,000 islands, is a diver’s dream. Nestled in the Coral Triangle, the country offers unparalleled marine diversity. From the dramatic pelagic action to serene muck dives, Indonesia’s dive sites cater to every diver’s fantasy. Let’s plunge into the top scuba diving destinations of Indonesia:

1. Raja Ampat, Papua
  • Highlight: Often dubbed the “Amazon of the Seas,” Raja Ampat boasts the highest marine biodiversity on the planet.
  • What to See: Vibrant coral gardens, manta rays, and rare critters. Ideal for both macro photographers and wide-angle enthusiasts.
2. Komodo National Park, Flores
  • Highlight: Beyond its iconic dragons, Komodo‘s underwater realm is a spectacle of colorful reefs and thrilling currents.
  • What to See: Manta rays, sharks, and vibrant coral gardens. Don’t miss the drift dives!
3. Bali
  • Highlight: From the famous USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben to the mola mola sightings around Nusa Penida, Bali’s dive sites are diverse and mesmerizing.
  • What to See: Sunfish, reef sharks, and an abundance of macro life in sites like Amed and Seraya Secret.
4. Manado & Bunaken, Sulawesi
  • Highlight: The Bunaken Marine Park‘s coral walls are a visual treat, brimming with marine life.
  • What to See: Turtles, reef fishes, and occasional sightings of dugongs. Lembeh Strait nearby is a muck diving paradise.
5. Wakatobi, Sulawesi
  • Highlight: A remote diving haven, Wakatobi offers pristine reefs and an array of marine species.
  • What to See: Diverse coral species, pygmy seahorses, and vibrant reef fish.
6. Gili Islands, Lombok
  • Highlight: Known for its turtle-rich waters, the Gili Islands are perfect for beginners and underwater photographers alike.
  • What to See: Turtles, garden eels, and a variety of reef fishes.
7. Pulau Weh, Sumatra
  • Highlight: An off-the-beaten-path diving gem, Pulau Weh’s sites are teeming with life and offer great visibility.
  • What to See: Schooling jacks, barracudas, and vibrant soft corals.

Discover more in-depth insights about each diving spot in our detailed guides below.

In this page you will find more detailed information about scuba diving in Indonesia.

Best Dive Review

Special Diving Experiences in Indonesia

  • Muck Diving: Discover macro wonders like the mimic octopus, ornate ghost pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish, and the pygmy seahorse. The Lembeh Strait is a haven for muck diving enthusiasts.
  • Wreck Diving: Dive into history with the renowned US Liberty Ship wreck in Tulamben, Bali, or explore WWII wrecks in Papua.
  • Mola Mola Encounters in Bali:
    • Location: Nusa Penida, Bali.
    • Highlights: Dive with the mysterious sunfish, especially during the cold current months between July and October.
  • Drift Diving in Komodo:
    • Location: Komodo National Park.
    • Highlights: Feel the rush of the currents at sites like Batu Bolong and Castle Rock while surrounded by sharks, rays, and schools of fish.
  • Wreck Exploration:
    • Location: Tulamben, Bali.
    • Highlights: Dive the world-renowned USAT Liberty wreck, an accessible site suitable for all levels, teeming with marine life from macro critters to large pelagics.
  • Muck Diving in Lembeh:
    • Location: Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi.
    • Highlights: Discover the weird and wonderful – mimic octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, hairy frogfish, and more in this muck diving capital.
  • Coral Gardens of Raja Ampat:
    • Location: Raja Ampat, Papua.
    • Highlights: Dive amidst the densest coral concentration on Earth. Marvel at the vibrant soft and hard corals, and the marine life they attract.
  • Dive with Gentle Giants:
    • Location: Various sites around Indonesia.
    • Highlights: Encounter majestic manta rays at cleaning stations in Komodo, Nusa Penida, and Raja Ampat.
  • An Explosion of Biodiversity in Wakatobi:
    • Location: Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi.
    • Highlights: Enjoy spectacular wall dives, colorful coral formations, and abundant macro life in this remote diving paradise.
  • Diving with Schools of Hammerheads:
    • Location: Banda Sea.
    • Highlights: During specific seasons, divers can witness schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks, a rare and awe-inspiring sight.
  • Night Diving Magic:
    • Location: Sites across Indonesia.
    • Highlights: Illuminate the underwater world and watch it come alive at night. See nocturnal creatures like bobtail squid, sleeping parrotfish, hunting lionfish, and more.

diving indonesia

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/neilspicys/2815969239/

How to dive Indonesia?

Planning Your Dive Trip in Indonesia

Indonesia has a plethora of dive centers in popular areas. Some regions, like Komodo and Raja Ampat, are best explored via Liveaboards. Ensure you choose reputable operators prioritizing safety. Book your diving excursions with this site, known for its competitive pricing and easy reservation system.

Determine Your Dive Preference:
  • Marine Biodiversity: Opt for Raja Ampat or Komodo National Park.
  • Wreck Diving: Bali’s USAT Liberty wreck is a must-visit.
  • Muck Diving & Macro Photography: Lembeh Strait in Sulawesi is unbeatable.
Dive Logistics:
  • Stay & Dive: Opt for dive resorts in destinations like Wakatobi or Bunaken.
  • Liveaboards: A great way to explore remote sites in Komodo, Raja Ampat, and the Banda Sea.

Where to stay?

I usually use this website to book in advance my hotels in Indonesia as they usually have the lowest rates I find. I like it because it's free to cancel and change the dates.

Best time to dive in Indonesia

When to Dive in Indonesia: Your Ultimate Guide to Seasons and Sites

Indonesia, a diver’s paradise, boasts some of the world’s most vibrant marine life and diverse underwater terrains. But with such vast geographical spread and climatic variation, the key to a perfect dive is choosing the right season. Let’s plunge into understanding the best times to dive in Indonesia’s top destinations.

Understanding Indonesia’s Dive Seasons:

Indonesia’s expansive archipelago encompasses different climate zones, but a general rule of thumb is:

  • Rainy Season (November to March): Expect higher rainfall, which can sometimes affect underwater visibility. However, some areas offer unique sightings during this period.
  • Dry Season (April to October): The most popular diving period with typically clearer waters and better visibility.

Dive Destinations and Their Prime Seasons:

  1. Bali:
    • Best Time: April to November
    • Highlights: Mola Mola sightings in July and August, and Manta Rays throughout the year.
  2. Komodo National Park:
    • Best Time: April to November, especially if you’re after clearer waters.
    • Highlights: Manta Season during the rainy months!
  3. Raja Ampat, Papua:
    • Best Time: October to April
    • Highlights: Known for its biodiversity, this region is excellent for macro photography and pelagic sightings.
  4. Sulawesi (including Bunaken and Lembeh Strait):
    • Best Time: April to November for Bunaken and year-round for Lembeh.
    • Highlights: Lembeh offers some of the best muck diving and macro life in the world.
  5. Gili Islands, Lombok:
    • Best Time: Year-round, though visibility is best from May to September.
    • Highlights: Perfect for beginners and advanced divers alike, with a chance to see turtles and reef sharks.
  6. Pulau Weh, Sumatra:
    • Best Time: February to November
    • Highlights: A mix of reef dives, wrecks, and diverse marine life.

Monsoon Considerations:

While diving during the dry season offers better visibility, diving during the monsoon can offer unique experiences. For instance, Komodo becomes a Manta Ray haven during monsoon months, making it an exciting time for divers looking to swim alongside these gentle giants.

Final Thoughts:

While these are the recommended peak seasons for each destination, remember that Indonesia’s underwater beauty remains accessible year-round. The best time often depends on specific marine life sightings you’re hoping for, alongside your personal preferences and diving experience.

For further insights into specific weather patterns in each region and to ensure the most fruitful diving experience, it’s always a good idea to consult local dive operators and review seasonal charts.

Top liveaboards in Indonesia according to divers reviews

Dive courses

Scuba Diving Courses & Prices in Indonesia: Dive Into Adventure Affordably!

Indonesia, a diving haven with its rich marine biodiversity and vast underwater landscapes, is not just a destination for seasoned divers. It’s also a fantastic place to start your scuba diving journey. If you’re contemplating taking a dive course or wondering about the costs in Indonesia, we’ve got you covered!

Scuba Diving Courses in Indonesia

  1. Discover Scuba Diving (DSD):
    • Ideal for: First-timers, no certification needed.
    • Duration: Half to full-day experience with a brief theory session and a dive.
    • Average Price: $70 – $100
  2. Open Water Diver (OWD):
    • Ideal for: Beginners aiming for a certification.
    • Duration: 3-4 days inclusive of theory, confined water training, and open water dives.
    • Average Price: $350 – $450
  3. Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD):
    • Ideal for: Certified divers wanting to enhance skills and dive deeper.
    • Duration: 2-3 days covering five specialty dives.
    • Average Price: $300 – $400
  4. Rescue Diver:
    • Ideal for: Advanced divers keen on enhancing safety and emergency skills.
    • Duration: 3-4 days.
    • Average Price: $350 – $500
  5. Dive Master Course:
    • Ideal for: Those aspiring to become dive professionals.
    • Duration: 4-8 weeks, offering intensive training and assisting in real-life dive operations.
    • Average Price: $900 – $1,200 (excluding equipment)

Factors Influencing Dive Prices:

  1. Location: Popular destinations like Bali might be pricier than off-the-beaten-path spots.
  2. Dive Center Reputation: Established dive centers with experienced instructors might charge a premium.
  3. Included Amenities: Prices might include or exclude equipment rental, study materials, dive site transport, and certification fees.

Tips for Choosing a Dive Center:

  1. Reviews & Recommendations: Look for centers with positive reviews and recommendations, ensuring quality and safety.
  2. Ask About Inclusions: Make sure you know what’s included in the course price.
  3. Check Instructor Credentials: Ensure your instructor is certified with reputable agencies like PADI, SSI, or NAUI.

Indonesia, with its competitive prices and world-class dive sites, offers unparalleled value for diving education. Whether you’re taking your first underwater breaths or advancing your dive knowledge, the archipelago promises rich experiences without breaking the bank.

Scuba Diving conditions

1. Water Temperature:

  • Average: Ranges from 26°C to 30°C year-round.
  • Exceptions: Certain spots like Nusa Penida, Komodo islands, or the Lembeh Strait might experience colder temperatures, dropping as low as 16°C during certain times of the year. This can mean thermoclines or cold currents in specific areas.
  • Recommendation: While a 3mm wetsuit is suitable for most regions, consider a 5mm or even a 7mm suit with a hood for colder areas.

2. Visibility:

  • Average: Visibility can vary from 10m to 60m depending on the season and dive site.
  • Factors Affecting Visibility: Plankton blooms, rainfall, and human activities can sometimes affect underwater clarity.
  • Prime Spots: Destinations like Raja Ampat and Bunaken often boast exceptional visibility.

3. Currents:

  • Variability: From placid to fiercely strong, depending on tide, moon phase, and specific location.
  • Dive Sites with Strong Currents: Komodo National Park and Nusa Penida are known for challenging currents, making them more suitable for experienced divers.
  • Recommendation: Always check with local dive centers about the currents and consider taking a drift diving specialty course.

4. Best Times to Dive:

  • General Rule:
    • Rainy Season (November to March): Some areas might have reduced visibility due to runoff.
    • Dry Season (April to October): Typically offers the best visibility and conditions.
  • Exceptions: Some areas like Komodo are fantastic during monsoon months due to specific marine life sightings.

6. Dive Depth & Difficulty:

Indonesia offers dive sites suitable for all levels:

  • Shallow Reefs: Ideal for beginners and training.
  • Deep Walls & Drift Dives: More suited for advanced divers.
  • Wreck Dives: Ranging from shallow to deep, like the famous US Liberty Ship in Tulamben.

Snorkelling in Indonesia

Snorkeling Paradise: Exploring the Vibrant Underwater World of Indonesia

Indonesia, renowned for its unprecedented marine biodiversity, invites snorkelers to immerse themselves into a universe teeming with over 3,000 species of fish and 600 species of coral. From the peaceful manta rays in Bali to the bustling reef life of Raja Ampat, Indonesia holds a treasure trove of underwater wonders for snorkelers of all levels.

Why Snorkel in Indonesia?

  • Vibrant Marine Life: Witness a mesmerizing aquatic spectacle comprising reef sharks, manta rays, and a myriad of colorful fish.
  • Accessible Coral Reefs: Discover some of the world’s most biodiverse and easily accessible coral reefs, even right off the shore in places like Amed and Bunaken.
  • All-Level Friendly: Ideal for families, beginners, and experienced snorkelers alike.

Indonesia’s Prime Snorkeling Destinations:

  • Amed, Bali: Explore a tranquil underwater realm filled with vibrant marine life.
  • Bunaken, Sulawesi: Immerse into crystal-clear waters housing extensive coral reefs.
  • Tulamben, Bali: Discover the US Liberty Ship wreck in shallow waters.
  • Gili Islands, Lombok: Encounter numerous turtles amidst vibrant coral gardens.
  • Komodo National Park: Revel in the vivid coral expanses.

Snorkelers, grab your fins and masks, and plunge into our detailed guides to these destinations below!

indonesia scuba diving resort

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rnugraha/2049786537/

Effortlessly Plan Your Snorkeling Adventure in Indonesia

  • Getting Started: Snorkeling day-trips can be effortlessly arranged with local operators, or indulge in self-guided exploration with affordable gear rental options.
  • Accommodation: Secure optimal hotel rates and flexible booking options through this platform.
  • When to Snorkel: With Indonesia’s vast geography comes varied climate patterns. Commonly:
    • Rainy Season: November – March
    • Dry Season: April – October

Although snorkeling is possible all year, visibility is optimal during the dry season.

Fishes and Coral

Indonesia’s Underwater Jewels: Exploring Fishes and Corals

Indonesia, the heart of the Coral Triangle, boasts the richest marine biodiversity on the planet. This vibrant underwater realm invites divers and marine enthusiasts to witness a mesmerizing array of fishes and corals. If you’re keen to discover the marine treasures of Indonesia, here’s what awaits beneath its waves.

Fishes: A World of Colors and Shapes

1. Diversity Aplenty:

  • With over 3,000 species of fish, Indonesia surpasses other renowned dive spots like the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea.

2. Notable Species:

  • Manta Rays: Witness these gentle giants gracefully gliding in areas such as Raja Ampat and Komodo.
  • Mola Mola (Sunfish): This peculiar and rare fish can be spotted around Bali’s coastal waters.
  • Reef Sharks: Commonly sighted in many dive sites across Indonesia, especially around Sulawesi.
  • Pelagic Fishes: Large schools are frequently observed, providing divers with an unforgettable underwater spectacle.

3. Macro Life:

  • Indonesia is renowned for its muck diving sites, especially around the Lembeh Strait in Sulawesi, where one can spot critters like the flamboyant cuttlefish, ornate ghost pipefish, and the mimic octopus.

Corals: The Vibrant Underwater Forests

1. Coral Diversity:

  • Home to over 600 species of corals, Indonesia offers divers a visual feast. Hard and soft corals dot the Indonesian seascape, providing habitats for various marine creatures.

2. Prime Coral Spots:

  • Raja Ampat: Termed as the ‘Amazon of the Seas,’ this region is known for its staggering coral diversity and health.
  • Bunaken: A marine park in Sulawesi, Bunaken is celebrated for its pristine coral walls and diverse marine life.
  • Komodo: Apart from its dragons, Komodo’s underwater world is rife with vibrant corals and marine species.
  • Bali: Dive sites like Menjangan Island and Amed are replete with thriving coral gardens.

3. Conservation Efforts:

  • Unfortunately, some regions have seen coral damage due to cyanide and bomb fishing. However, conservation efforts are underway. Many dive operators in Indonesia now emphasize sustainable diving practices and participate in coral restoration projects.

The richness of Indonesia’s underwater domain lies in its incredible variety of fishes and corals. As a diver or snorkeler, every immersion in these waters promises new discoveries and encounters. Ensuring we dive responsibly and support conservation efforts will keep this marine paradise thriving for generations to come.

Diving Safety

If you are planning an upcoming dive trip or travelling to Indonesia, it is a really good idea to invest in travel insurance for scuba diving, because you never know what could happen and when you might need it (because accidents do happen!). I recommend this diving insurance as they offer worldwide coverage and focus on providing scuba divers a quality insurance and medical assistance service.

Photos Indonesia

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Travel Guide

Now that you know all about the underwater world, you might want to start planning your scuba holiday! Check out our Indonesia Travel Review for information about how to get there, activities and excursions, where to stay, and more.

Diving Reviews for this region

destination of the month

Komodo Island

Diving in Komodo Islands is all about action! It is BIG fishes land! With wonderful coral, it is just incredible diving all year round.

Komodo Island Diving Review


Wakatobi has some of the finest coral in the world, amazing biodiversity and one of the best places in the world for macro photography! On the right day, the visibility can be outstanding!

Wakatobi Diving Review

Raja Ampat

Richest Reef in the World, Amazing Biodiversity, Wonderful Coral, perfect place for underwater photography.

Raja Ampat Diving Review

Gili Islands, Lombok

Diving in Gili islands is great for swimming with Turtles! It can also be a great spot to take your next diving course as the dives here are relatively cheap.

Gili Islands, Lombok Diving Review

Lembeh Strait

Best Muck Diving in the World! One of the Best spot in the World for Macro Underwater Photography. Amazing Biodiversity!

Lembeh Strait Diving Review

Bunaken, Manado

Diving in Bunaken is just fantastic for wall Diving, Coral gardens, endless visibility, incredible biodiversity. Also staying on an isolated island is something really special to experience!

Bunaken, Manado Diving Review


One of the best Wreck Dives in the World!!! And the most easy for sure, 30m from the Shore and starts at 4m deep! Fantastic Marine life and great Coral!

Tulamben Diving Review

Pemutaran, Lovina

No current, Good visibility, unusual Marine Life and one of the BEST Diving sites around Bali for Muck Diving: Puri Jati (P.J.).

Pemutaran, Lovina Diving Review

Padang Bai

Night Diving, Underwater Macro Photography, Resident Whitetip Reef Sharks, Huge green Turtles, and crystal clear water! Also a great Snorkelling spot!

Padang Bai Diving Review

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is famous worldwide for Wall diving with small caverns to explore. The reef and Coral are also great. A very nice wooden wreck from the 19th century: Anker Wreck.

Menjangan Island Diving Review

Nusa Penida / Nusa Lembongan

One of the best spots in the world to see the rare Mola Mola and the graceful Manta Rays! Big fishes and action with lots of sharks. Very good Visibility and stunning Coral.

Nusa Penida / Nusa Lembongan Diving Review


It is all about action! Big pelagic fishes, hunting action in the current, and many Sharks! Regular seeing of Hammerhead Sharks and Mola Mola!

Candidasa Diving Review


Diving in Bali is simply amazing as you will see both an incredible array of marine life and plenty of wrecks. Indeed, Bali's underwater world will expose you to meet interesting critters, fishes of all sizes and mantas rays among others! Plus, scuba diving in Bali means being all in for stunning underwater visibility and great opportunities for drift diving. !

Bali Diving Review


Magnificent coral, no current, relaxed and easy diving, possibilities for night diving, good place for underwater macro photography, and a great snorkelling spot.

Amed Diving Review

Liveaboard Reviews in Indonesia


The Mantra is a traditionally styled Ind

Mantra Liveaboard Review

MSY Waow

Please note… The Waow does not operate

MSY Waow Liveaboard Review

MS Ombak Putih

The 42 meters Ombak Putih sails the wate

MS Ombak Putih Liveaboard Review

MV Pelagian

The sleek looking MV Pelagian is owned a

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The luxurious Samata offers scuba diving

Samata Liveaboard Review

MS Wellenreng

The 22 meters MS Wellenreng is a charter

MS Wellenreng Liveaboard Review

KLM Sea Safari VI

The luxurious Sea Safari VI is a liveabo

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MV Black Manta Diving

. Please note… The Black Manta has bee

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Mutiara Laut

The 46 meters Mutiara Laut is a five sta

Mutiara Laut Liveaboard Review

SY Adelaar

Designed with luxury and comfort in mind

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Diving centers in Indonesia

No dive centers found

56 dive logs in “Indonesia”

  1. Tulamben is great for beginners. It’s a fantatic experience to dive the US Liberty Wreck just off the beach. Good marine life including sharks. Tulamben is also not so expensive and easily accessible by road from South Bali.

    • I completely agree with you Tempo Dulu. I did my Open Water Advanced on the Liberty Wreck in Bali and it was amazing. This is I think one of the of top 3 best wreck dives in the World.

      • I dived on the Liberty wreck in December and it really was a fantastic experience. The wreck is easily accessible from the beach and on your way from the shore to the wreck you swim through fantastic eel garden. Marine life is really very good. I have not seen sharks, but saw one giant turtle, which looked amazing swimming among the ship debris.

    • Hi Everybody, the auto reply to my email asked that I post my question on the blog, so I hope this is the right place! I’ll be in Indonesia for work, with the opportunity to dive 2 days while staying in Nusa Dua. I’m hoping you have some recommendations on diving and dive shops in/near Nusa Dua. I’m not keen to take a long bumpy boat trip, which is what people describe from that area, but am excited to do some good diving. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! S.

    • I went there recently and made a load of dive videos if anyone wants to check them out: LINK REMOVED, this links to my scubatopia.co.uk youtube page that I just set up a couple of days ago. I hope you like them!

  2. Snorkellers head to Amed! Relaxing laidback beach, easy access, amazing underwater life. You can spend hours there!

  3. If you like to deep dive, Bunaken in Manado Sulawesi is good choice, since mostly dive spot in Bunaken is wall…

    I’m really satisfied to dive overthere, especially with the best dive center I’m doing with, is Larascasse Dive center.

  4. Mansinum Cross Wreck, Manokwari, Papua. The Cross wreck site is a 40m long Japanese patrol boat lying on sand bottom at 19m depth, just outside a large concrete cross standing on Pulau Mansinum, Manokwari, Papua. Various colorful hard & soft corals, crinoids, starfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, trumpetfish, yellow-back fusilier, and other reef fish were spotted. Visibility is good (over 10m). Sometimes the current is strong during the low tide.

  5. In late March my husband Stephen and I went on the MV Black Manta Komodo trip. We had dived Raja Amput the previous year and so our expectations were high. We were not disappointed. The liveaboard was comfortable and well managed but the diving was sublime. The crew did everything to make my life easier as jave has a previous back injury and have to be handed all the heavy gear in the water or on the dingy. The currents were a bit stronger than in RA. One day at a site called Manta Alley we saw eight huge manta rays swimming about and then the stopped and seemed to freeze in the water as the smaller fish cleaned them. One of those wonderous and humbling moments a diver relishes. Thoroughly Recommended.

    • Hi
      Thanks for that info.
      My wife and I had planned a trip to Palau next year, but overcrowded comments and Japanese and US divers have put us of.
      Being Brits living in NZ and now having dived over forty different countries we are into Nudi’s.
      Dived Uepi again in Sept so need something special and maybe a liveaboard is best option so thanks for your comments

      • I love Nudis as well I have logged over 1000 dives in Indonesia and worked on livaboards in Raja Ampat and Komodo
        For Nudis my favorite place has been Sangeang Api above Sumbawa amazing diving on an active Volcano it’s the one you can see smoking from North Komodo so many types of Nudis, pigmy seahorses, frogfish
        Also s favorite is diving around Amed and Tulumben Gili Selang, Soraya, Melasti and Sidem

  6. hey I’m going to Bali next week-end for diving. Any recommendations? :))
    my last dives were in the Mediterranean, in Turkey Kas, Kas (Kalkan), Cesme, Adrasan. Warm water and good visibility ;)

    • Hope you’ll enjoy diving in Bali. I visited there twice & did diving in Tulamben (USS liberty wreck), Padangbai & Nusa Dua. Not bad, & saw many fishes. You may contact my dive guide in Denpasar, Agus Sumanjaya (PADI instructor, mobile phone: (62)818362900, email: sumanjaya08@yahoo.com), &/or contact Baliku Holiday (mob. phone: (62)81999004554, info@balikuholiday.com). I run Hotel Mangga in Manokwari, West Papua, where has excellent wreck dive sites. My hotel also has diving & tour service. If you’re interested to visit here, please feel free to contact info@mangga-hotel.com. Cheers!

  7. been to amed last week and stayed at Puri Wirata. Amed is good for beginner divers with diverse ecosystem, calm water, and its good for relaxing. It was a great escape! I recommend puri wirata for those planning to go to Amed, with great service, good food, clean rooms, very nice dive masters and equipments.

  8. Hi julian i dived bali last august to september last year with my wife christine and brother in law and sister in law ian kerry . we started of with a 10 day safari with blue seasons bali .,the trip was well organised and accomodation was great, we started in north and dived singaraja, menjangen kubu,amed and tulamben. once we finnished the safari we returned to sanur for a couple of days before heading of to padangbai to dive with a small outfit geko dive, whom i must say were a well organised outfit small and very freindly ,with geko we dived mimpang ,tepekong,crystal bay and of coarse manta point,we also did local sites as well .we will be returning this year for a lot longer trip and would like to highly recomend team geko cederic and liv and all the crew will welcome you all with open arms and make sure your trip will be a special adventure,well on that if you get there before us have a bintang for us Cheers

  9. Very pleased you enjoy the trip in Indonesia. Just come back to Indonesia, and find other beautiful places that you should visit and stay. Maybe http://www.jakpost.travel could be a good recommendation for you to find another interesting destinations in Indonesia :)

  10. Just back from a week diving in Komodo National Park; the best sites we have ever visited. Batu Bolong, Manta Alley, Crystal Rock and Castle Rock were amazing for the profusion of species and the size of inhabitants, turtles, mantas, sharks, giant trevally, dog-tooth tuna, massive schools of sweetlip and coral that seems healthy and colourful. Strong currents, but if you are fairly experienced and choose a good dive company, it is the experience of a lifetime. We chose Divine Diving in Labuan Bajo and we thank them for a look into one of the world’s best sites. Planning to return in June/July.

  11. Hello,

    I will be in Jakarta for a weekend and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best dive site is to squeeze in for one day.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


  12. Myself & a friend are going to Indonesia for 10 weeks. We are both Open Water but fairly experience (both > 50 dives) and have already dived Vietnam, Thailand, Barrier Reef & Egypt.

    When we were on the GBR some dive operators offered to let you live on the boat / free dives in return for helping with the cooking, cleaning for other paying customers etc. Does anyone know if a similar scheme exists in Indonesia?

    • Hi Adam!

      I actually don’t know of any dive operators, who does that. But we’ll let you know once we know of some operators who does that arrangement.

    • Hello Adam,

      Are you still here in Indonesia? If you want to find great dive sites, the place to go is Bali!

      I am also not aware of such services that you mention, however you should take note that here in Bali, Mola Mola season is just about to start ! It will be worth the trip! You have an option to go with dive safari, such as written here : http://www.baliocean.com/en/dive_safaris.blueseason

      It is really a pity if you have come so far to Indonesia, and never visit this place, and see sunfishes..

    • Hi! I am planning a trip to the GBR and I would love to do something like this to cut down on costs! What was the company that you did this through??


      • hey kaitlyn,

        I was on a boat out on the GBR (departed from Cairns) last week and did exactly that volunteering/hosting. The company’s called Divers Den (don’t now about other company’s offering that). You’re on the boat for 4 days/4 nights and you can do up to 4 dives a day (only 2 on both first and last day) (including night dives and, if you’re lucky, even a flouro dive for free which was one of the best experiences I’ve ever made so far..). The work schedule is quite tough though if you choose to go for all the 4 dives per day but it’s worth it, especially the night and flouro dives. Inlcuded is accommodation (but don’t expect to get a room like the passengers), 3 meals a day + all the dive gear you need. Very good to improve your dive skills in a short time and to safe some money because diving here on the GBR is quite expensive..but before you can do the liveaboard hosting, you need to do at least one day trip hosting on one of their vessels and purchase a crew shirt for 35AUD, but still the value you get is worth it..the dive sites are propably not the world’s best but there’s still a lot to explore

  13. Just visited Amed, with my son and my wife, we dove everyday for two weeks, including Tulamben wreck, wall and coral wall, we dove the wall and pyramids at Jemeluk, Japanese wreck, To Nusa Penida, Mantas and of course the Mola Mola. We had a great time, we dove with Ecodive, based in Amed. A Canadian owner, John, extremely nice, professional person with absolutely the greatest and polite staff. I completed SSI Dive Guide and Divemaster with them, and have decided to return for DCS and Instructor. The diving was great, couldn’t keep my 14 year old son out of the water, he finished with over 30 dives in the two weeks, he dove mainly with the dive guide Ketut very pleasant, and my son absolutely loved diving with him, almost like a big brother. Great trip….. If in Amed check out Ecodive.

  14. Dived Islands round Komodo in July on Damai 11 Livaboard
    found the diving pretty good although we were restricted to certain areas due to supposed bad weather in the areas we would have liked to dive.
    The boat once great for space and just 9 divers was so expensive and we are sure we could have dived with another boat for a lot less and seen more.
    Would like to dive thearea again as parts were pretty cool.
    Maybe being just going for diving the super Over the top boat and price was wasted on us.
    We gave overall trip 6/10

  15. Indonesia Dangerously Beautiful! Definitely agree with you, Indonesia has many beautiful places to dive (dive spot) as you have mentioned before like in Weh Island (Sumatera), Bali Island, Gili’s Island (Lombok), Komodo Island, Bunaken (Celebes), Wakatobi (Celebes) and also Raja Ampat (Papua). Indonesia also has many other beautiful dive spots like Bangka Island, Banda Island, Alor (Mollucas), Derawan Archipelago (Borneo) and many more.

  16. just done my PADI certification last week at Tulamben. As a beginner i find the location is just perfect!. The beach located right in front of the hotel – Puri Madha which is just 20 meters away .. calm current .. really good ! for those who brings small kids .. you can leave them play at the pool while diving, they can see you before you descend ..

  17. I am an Advance OWD with 210 immersions, from Guayaquil, Ecuador
    I was diving for a week in Bali on April 2012, at the Crystal Divers Shop.
    They have a nice dive shop and accommodations with their own pool for classes and refreshment. They have fair prices and an excellent group of instructors and master divers.
    I was in the group of Amin, a local instructor that has the magic to find mola mola, mantarays, sharks and all kind of those peculiar species on the reefs of Bali.
    Pandang Bay is very nice to start with; Candidasa requires an Advanced OWD training; Nusa Penida/Lenbungam/ Manta Point is the best place, specially at Crystal Point; and finally Tulamben for all kind of divers that enjoy shore diving.
    With Crystal Divers you can do 2 or 3 dives a day, including night dives.

  18. Nice Post about diving in Indonesia, In this beautiful picture,the viewer will really try to have diving with that place.

  19. Ambon/’Global Dive Center’
    Originally Posted by hughrster View Post
    A dozen of us tried to visit Ambon last year with John Edward Sidjibat of Global Diving. Paid $1000 deposit, then could not get any response from him or Blue Rose. With only a week or so to go before flying out we had to divert to Manado – Bunaken – where we had some splendid diving.

    Our John eventually got back to us, and promised to refund the deposit. More foot dragging, then he promised 75% refund because his business was suffering from bad debts. This has now gone on for a year.

    Does anyone know about either Mr Sidjibat or Blue Rose? Do they really exist or is it a scam?

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    One reply from France:
    Yes I have had some mails with that Mr.John Sidjibat who was at some time uselessly taking care of Blue Rose Marketing. At the time he started to interfere into my relationships with Blue Rose i knew that was over. To put it simple, this guy is highly unreliable and a joke : his only use was to inflate the prices and intriduce more chaos into the organization, so that I was at one day waiting at Laha wharf for my diveboat that never came.

    I suggest you complain to the owner of Blue Rose, M.Augustinus Tanumiharjo. PM me if you want the mails.

    If anyone has more and better particulars, please post.

  20. Me and my wife did a few dives with Bali Scuba.. Did the wreck dive at tulamben , USS Liberty and also the Tulamben wall drop .. Simply amazing .. The wreck is still very intact and the visibility is good.. Really recommend all to check out this 2 dive spots .. The current is not that strong however the shore entry was a bit tough as we experience strong waves on that day. But other that that it was a great dive.. A lot of colorful fishes n sea snakes and if your lucky you will get to see a huge school of yellow fishes , prob in the hundreds.
    The next day we tried our luck with manta ray and mola mola but we were unlucky as the water was a bit warm..got to check out BaliScuba as they are great n wonderful guides..

  21. Have been to Pulau Weh 2 weeks ago (with Rupiah Titra Dive Centre). Lovely weather, nice people, great experience. Although the current there is a bit stronger than my other experience, but with the experienced dive guards (Isfan & Mun Nandar) there we saw variety of creatures, from micro to huge guys. Thanks to the great experience and im planning to visit there every year. :)

  22. Interesting posts. Indonesia is a maritime country with many islands and straits around him. This country certainly has a lot of spots for scuba diving. very interesting to know. because this activity is quite fun and thrilling. nice post. thanks.

    • et qu’il fallait néanmoins leur envoyer des colis.On l’a oublié auh&urdorsquo;jui mais la question du ravitaillement occupait les esprits de façon obsessionnelle en ces temps. Vichy a réussi à nous éviter des famines mortelles. Ce ne fut pas le cas partout.

  23. Hi, I wish to make a solo diving trip to Indonesia for 1 week or so. But am on a real tight budget. I have dived in Pulau Weh which is real value for money.

    Was wondering if there’s any cheap & good dive centers (or LOB) in Indonesia that you can recommend? Lombok?

    FYI the likes of Raja Ampat or anywhere in Sulawesi is currently WAY OUT of budget for me.

    Thanking you in advance !


  24. Hello,
    I’m a fairly new diver (25 dives) trying to decide between going to Palau and Sulawesi in May.
    Do you have any advice?
    Thank you

  25. Hi,

    Trying to plan a dive trip in Indonesia in March second half this year. I’d have about 8 days, could you please recommend a few dive sites for (very excited) beginners? Thanks!

  26. I am going on a live aboard departing Sarong on December 6. I am very confused as far as flights and timing are concerned. I can leave from JFK, I just need to be in Sarong on December 6. I know there are many routes, I am looking for the most expedient and economical routes. Although I am carrying my dive equipment so those airlines that do not have 20kg. limits are preferred. Can you suggest any travel agencies that could be of help?

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  30. If you are a beginner and you want to do a snorkeling, you can try to snorkel in Pulau Tidung. And if you want to dive and you are a beginer try to dive in Tulamben. It will make you feel great!

  31. There is new recently discovered jewel in diving at Una Una Volcano.
    Full of fishes and whole healthy coral ecosystem.
    Highly remote but really worth the visit. now there is airport service to 1 hour away only.
    Sanctum Una Una is the only resort providing diving service there

  32. Nice little article. It reminds me that with all the SEO work going on these days, when you learned HTML by hand you knew you had to use the title tags, the meta keywords and the meta description tags. I like how you have specifically labelled a magic number for low competition. I’ll look forward to reading more from you Paul.

  33. We want 2 deep sea driver.
    1.mechanical fitter nos -01
    2.Normal deep sea driver nos-01
    This work will be done bay of Bengal of Bangladesh at Chittagong.
    1. Monthly total expenses (salary & other).
    2. Visa processing system.
    3, Terms & condition.
    pls let me know immediately.
    Md. Siddiqur Rahman
    Mobile : +8801920614297

  34. I wish I could share my pictures from diving in Raja Ampat here! The colors are mesmerizing and oh the varieties! My company do liveabord trip for 7 days with as much dives as possible. Heaven on earth! LINK REMOVED

  35. I went to Amed in Bali, Gili T and Komodo recently and made a load of dive videos if anyone wants to check them out: LINK REMOVED, this links to my scubatopia.co.uk youtube page that I just set up a couple of days ago. I hope you like them!

  36. Thanks for such a great article.This motivates me to do scuba diving again and again.I have done scuba diving with Gomantak scuba.Only PADI dive centre in malvan,maharashtra.It was great experience with them.Dream to dive in Indonesia once in my life. LINK REMOVED

    • Hello John! I’m happy you had a great experience and that you love scuba diving. That said, please note that the comment section is not for link promotion and that it’s more useful to fellow scuba divers if you review and give tips on destinations which the page your commenting on is about. This page is about diving in Indonesia, but the dive center you mention is Indian. Hope this helps for future comments. Safe bubbles!

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