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Julien Blog Plongée Hi there and welcome to my site! My name is Julien HUC. My passion lies in photography, travelling, blogging, but most of all, my true passion is scuba diving. I have been lucky to be able to travel over the globe and so, I created this blog to be able to share my experiences and to share with you all of my favorite dive spots. I hope that you enjoy this page and that you will also share your experiences with me too.


I was originally born in France but was raised in equatorial Africa, where we then moved to West Africa and then finally, when I turned 18, came back to France to pursue my studies (engineering). With a craving for travel, I escaped as soon as I could to live in India. After that I returned to Gabon in equatorial Africa before discovering the beauty of Asia, in particular Indonesia where I lived and worked for 3 years. And now, with my line of work, I am often sent on projects all over the world.

I have therefore been lucky enough to be able to dive in many different countries.

Please do not hesitate to participate in our dive community here at Divezone.net and to leave comments on places you have been to share your experiences. Also feel free to ask any questions and I will be happy to respond.

If you would like to publish an article, feel free to send me a blog post with your dive experiences along with some photos, as I would love to open my blog to others.

You can contact me here by email.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you will like the site and become part of the dive team here! Enjoy ;-)



A piece of paradise in a grotte in the middle of the jungle at Raja Ampat.


Underwater portrait after a day of diving.

plongee sous marine a raja ampat

Meeting Manta Rays, a moment of pure happiness!

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Divezone.net Mission

Divezone.net aims to be the best world dive guide, with the most accurate and up to date information about diving regions, both world famous and those off the beaten track.

We want to be an up to date community of divers sharing secret locations and experiences from all over the globe. With your contribution and experience, we can build the most comprehensive world diving guide to help you plan your next amazing trip!

About us

Divezone.net is a new project led and developed by passionate divers from all over the world. We are also blessed with an amazing crew of photographers who provided most of the amazing photos on the website!

To contact us please send an email to hello@divezone.net. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Julien Huc
Creator & Project Leader

Amre Ghiba
Diving Reviewer & Wildlife Consultant

Agnes Tjan

Jihye Lee

Yann Hubert

Rich Guest

Contact us if you would like to submit your photos, or write for the website!

33 comments on “About us

  1. Hi there.

    What a great site you have… :)

    I am wondering if there is something i can do for you – like some great underwater photos for the Similans and Phuket areas that you could use on your site – or some content about the diving etc in Phuket – Similans. As i would really like to try and get a link for additional information on the Phuket and Similan Island pages:


    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Have a great day.


  2. Hi Julien. I’m planning on visiting Komodo in January. Can you recommend a dive operator who is open in January? Thanks a million. Claudio

  3. Hi Julien,

    Your website is really nice. It gives a lot of useful information about some tourism places in the world. I really enjoy reading your website. Thanks a million. Cheers from Java, Indonesia. ^_^

  4. Hi! Julien!

    I received your e-mail about the writing here.
    So I wrote a piece and sent you by your e-mail!
    DId you receive that?
    I look forward to hearing from yousoon!


  5. Great site with a lot of great scuba diving content. I wish you well in your venture to dive all of the beautiful locations of our world.

  6. Hi Julien,
    I just signed up for your site but I can not find a login on your homepage. Everytime I wanna lok at my resume there is a field coming up you have to sign in but not login field.

  7. Hi Julien,
    I just signed up for your site but I can not find a login on your homepage. Everytime I wanna look at my resume there is a field coming up you have to sign in but no login field.

  8. Hi guys!
    Really nice website you have here. I have a question for you.
    I’m planning on doing my Open Water Diver course in Febuary. I’m thinking about Maleysia or Thailand. Can you recommend good places for beginner diver in those countries in Fabuary. It would be great if you could go snorkling as well.

    Asking money to get the job in the States or in Africa … :

    Company Name Sea Horse Diving Center
    Location Vero Beach Florida, Dubai Marina UAE, United States
    Date Posted February 15, 2015
    Category Diving Instructor
    Job Type Full-Time

    • Hi Scuba couple, I received a few emails from “Sea Horse Diving Center” saying they’re offering an Instructor Job for me. Based on your earlier comment, in guessing this is a scam of some sort?

  10. I am a beginner when you consider diving. I have done maybe 6-8 dives so far. My daughter is a beginner diver. We have both done Open Water diving course with PADI in Thailand.
    Can you advice whether Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh will be more suited for diving for me and my daughter. I plan to go to either Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh by end of May. Thank you.

  11. I and my daughter our beginner Divers. We have both done a Open Water Dive course with PADI in Thailand. Since then we must have done 6-8 dives over the last couple of years. I will be grateful if you can advice whether Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh will be more suitable for us. We are planning to go be in Egypt by last week of May 2015. Thank you.

  12. Hello Julien,

    I am working at Divebooker.com – an online reservation for scuba divers. I tried to reach you by email with my business offer. Could you please kindly advice, have you received that?

    Best regards,

  13. Hi there,

    I’m planning a trip to Belize in December. Unfortunately we only have a limited number of days there (7) and would like to spend a few days snorkelling and diving. We have our PADI licence, but are relatively new to the sport. Would you be able to recommend a few sites which we should definitely not miss?


  14. Hi Julien,
    I’m working in Jakarta.
    In your opinion, what are the best options for day/week end dive trips ?
    Any recommendations for dive centers in the city ?

  15. Hi Julien,
    Thank you very much for useful post. Wish you well in your venture to dive all of the beautiful locations of our world.

  16. Dear Divezone-Team,

    I am writing you from Panama Dive Center in Santa Catalina in Panama to ask about possible options to be added on your website as a Dive Center.

    We are a 5 Star PADI Dive Resort operating in the Coiba National Park in the Panamanian Pacific, UNESCO world heritage and one of the greatest places to dive in Central America. We offer normal fundives, Multiday trips to the Nationalpark and various courses like Open Water, Advanced OW, Rescue Diver, EFR, Divemaster, Sidemount, Nitrox, as well as internships for passionate divers to get certified in these courses. Soon we will also offer Freediving, Tech-Diving and a “Two-Ocean-Divemaster-Internship”, in cooperation with a Dive Center on the Carribean side of Panama.

    Is there any way we could be added to the website? If yes, what are the requirements?

    Thanks for your time!

    Saludos from Santa Catalina,

  17. hello

    I’m a graphic designer needing a map of Aqaba – Jordan to use in a small project collectors. It is an Adobe version Ai. Or Pdf To convert it to Arabic language and also control some elements

    Thanks ALot

  18. Hello ,

    we unable to post job offer from our dive center. once all filled all are escape & not show in listing. can we have help for this or advice


    • Hi Senu!

      We are very sorry about this JobBoard problem and we already are in the process of solving it.

      I can suggest two things to try from now on:

      1. You may try to post your add again, clearing your cache and using a different browser, Microsoft EDGE seems to do the things for most people so far.

      2. If not working, you can send us all the ad details and we will post it manually for you. Please do so at this e-mail : hello@divezone.net

      Hope this helps! Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  19. Hi there,
    I am trying to post job offer on your divezone.net website but for reason unknown I am unable to do it. I fill ale the gaps, click preview and it takes me to the main page with no success in posting…I was using your website last year and did not experience anything like that. I contacted you on facebook but have no reply. Can you help?

  20. Hi, I was trying numerous times to post a job advert at your page. However every time I fill in all boxes and push ‘PPREVIEV’ my advert disappears and I’m redirected to the first page again. What can be the cause of this?

    • Hi Marek! Did you contact us by e-mail ? If not, please do so and forward us all your ad details, we will post your ad manually. We are experiencing some issues right now with the job board and still working on fixing them. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Again, e-mail us at hello @ divezone.net with all the ad details and we will be glad to help! Thank you!

  21. Hi, I emailed you guys wanting to know why you have job from our company posted on your website and you sent me this reply Hi Divezone reader,
    First, we would like to thank you for your interest in Divezone! We work very hard to provide quality content and reliable information to the scuba diving community!
    However, it is not possible for us to offer a personalized information nor booking service. The best way to have your questions answered would be to publish a comment at the bottom of the page related to your question (destination page, dive site page, blog post, etc.).
    Indeed, by doing so you will be answered either by a Divezone representative or by a scuba diver from our big community! Plus, the information will then be accessible to everyone, which is convenient!
    Thank you for understanding, and we hope to read your comments on Divezone soon!
    Happy bubbles!

    I really don’t appreciate the canned reply to what was a very serious issue that I have brought up with you. I contacted you while ago about the same issue and you said you would remove the content and now I’m getting emails from your site again. Where did you get the info about our job ads? Are you just copying the ads off the Padi website without the knowledge or permission to do so?
    You guys have never been in contact with us to ask about any vacancies we have or anything about our company profile or recruitment strategies therefore I will ask you again to remove anything related to our company and then show me evidence that you have done so.
    To everyone reading this please be aware that Divezone are copying ads from other sources and posting them as their own without knowledge or permission from the company they say they are representing.

    • Hi,
      We replied to you less than 6 hours after your e-mail. Please consider that we might live on all different timezone. We are doing our best to address every issue and work in full collaboration with our partners, and anyone messaging us.

      I have to highlight that Divezone is in no case copying ads from anywhere. These are unfounded accusation and I kindly invite anyone having similar issues / receiving unwanted response from ads to contact us and it will be my pleasure to work on anything with you.

      Also, regarding the automatic reply, it is set in place to filter most demands of private travel advice that we receive everyday. Divezone has grown fast into a big community and we unfortunately don’t have time to answer all individual travel / booking / recommendation requests from our readers.

      I truly hope that my kind reply to your e-mail will be taken as a sign of good faith, all in helpful intentions. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

      Best regards.

  22. Hi ,

    I am Jessica. Hope you are doing great! I have seen your blog (divezone.net). That is quite interesting and enticing. The readability of the post is one of the major reasons for choosing your blog.

    I am very curious to work on sponsored post with you for my clients. If you are interested in sponsored post, kindly devote some time to let me know your thoughts.

    Looking forward to your good response!

    Thank you.

  23. HELLO! My name is Jad Robson and i have herd from friends that you can work for a diver centre and get paid as well as finish your tickets up to dive master and instructor as well as accommodation is this true? do you have anything like this where i could work for you or a school you know of that i could join to finish from advanced diver to master, i have about 100 dives internationally and often take guest on my yacht, we have done all of the Caribbean,Bahamas, Mexico, central, south and north America, The Mediterranean, South East Asia and Australia, my back ground it heavy water sports and extreme sports i love to scuba free dive and surf every where i can i was at pipe masters in Hawaii this year i love to base jump and I’m currently living on the french riviera as a captain on a super yacht in Monaco if it helps to drive the boats i also have my Yacht-master 200gts please let me know if you have any info regarding this kind of life style many Thanks and kind regards your friend j :)

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