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Expensive, and Luxury!

MV Bilikiki dive boat review

The 38 meters long Bilikiki was the first all-inclusive liveaboard of the Solomon Islands. Plus, it is still reviewed today as one of the best liveaboard world-wide. Built specifically for the south pacific cruise diving conditions, the Bilikiki is offers safety and stability.

Boat Cabins & Layout

The Bilikiki boasts 10 comfortable deluxe cabins. Every cabin has air-conditioning as well as it’s own en-suite bathroom. More specifically, eight cabins are fitted with a double lower bed and a single top bunk. The two remaining cabins have twin beds with no bunk.

You can check the latest schedule & prices for this liveaboard here.

twin cabin bilikiki liveaboard diving cruise solomon islands

Bilikiki ‘s On-board Facilities

Described as one of the most stable and most spacious liveaboard, the Bilikiki comes with a great reputation. The dining area features more than enough space and the same applies to the lounge area. Indeed, the lounge and bar areas are comfortably furnished and allow great relaxation moments. The salon is all set with a large LCD Television, including USB port to connect your camera, as well as a multi-format video system.

dining bilikiki liveaboard diving cruise solomon islands

The Bilikiki’s best features remains the ones related to Scuba Diving. Indeed, it was it’s first duty in 1966, and still when it was renovated in 2013, the focus was kept on the entire diving operation. Please read below about diving the Solomon Islands on this vessel.

Would you like to hear about how a week on the Bilikiki unfolds ? Watch this!

Vessel Layout

There are not many vessel offering dive cruises in the Solomon Islands and the Bilikiki is indeed unique. As and older vessel, newly refurbished, it can’t really be compared to the Taka, a newer vessel (2004). The living space was designed completely differently. Indeed, the Bilikiki is more spacious and les cabins  but the Taka’s space management is more efficient. Both are great Solomon Island options!

bilikiki liveaboard diving cruise solomon islands deck plan

Diving with the Bilikiki

The scuba diving operation is what the Bilikiki does best. Also, it’s clearly what makes it’s incredible reputation throughout the world.

bilikiki liveaboard diving cruise solomon islands

First of all, the dive deck is equipped with everything a diver might need. There’s plenty of space to get your gear on and off without ever feeling stuck. Plus, there are showers right on the deck. Furthermore, nitrox is available for certified divers and, photographers will be positively surprised with the amenities. Indeed, the deck boast a camera table as well as separate rinse tanks for your camera gear.

Also, the dive boat goes beyond every  expectation with a fully equipped camera room. You can work on your gear, charge it and store it, all in one place, for your convenience.

camera room bilikiki liveaboard diving cruise solomon islands

Finally, diving with the Bilikiki is possible from March to December. A dive cruise with this vessel will take you to pristine dive sites located around 3 groups of islands, Florida Island, Russel Island and Marovo Lagoon. There you will discover diversified dive sites and an incredible array of marine life. Dive on!

For a 8 days / 7 nights trip, price starts at 3465$US
For 11 days / 10 nights, price starts at 4950$US (most common dive cruise)
For a long cruise of 15 days / 14 nights price starts at 6930$US

Where does this liveaboard dive boat go?

Check out the fabulous places where this dive boat travels to.
Note: some destinations may not be listed below, please enquire for more details.

Solomon Islands

The diving in the Solomon Islands combine pristine diving conditions, lava tubes, coral reefs and remote WWII wrecks

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3 liveaboard reviews for “MV Bilikiki

  1. Hi fellow divers!
    I have just returned from a Bilikiki trip with a group of diver friends, it’s was my second time in the Solomon Islands. Let’s be honest, yes, this is a somewhat older, not so good looking boat… especially if like me, your last cruise was luxury in the maldives!

    That being said, it’s a great, sturdy and stable vessel. Fully equiped and totally safe. The dive crew is amazing, better than most places Ive been to. Boat is always clean and organized. Oh and the food was great! Of course, the best part is diving! I would sure recommend the solomon islands, they’re a change from indonesia for frequent divers. So yes, the Bilikiki I do recommend!

  2. Hello Everybody !
    The boat is quite old , eventhough well maintened , it´s not luxury at all .Food was good , but again , not special : we had lobster only the last night .
    The Solomon are an incredible destination, but unfortunately I missed so much because of the master dive ,a german woman (Tina) in about her 65 yrs , that treated us like children , giving endless rules for everything on the boat and underwater , 24 hours .
    I felt literaly on the army, being observed and “punished” with preaches everytime I crossed her , the whole trip . She and her partner , a French guy, seemed to be always very tired and without enthousiasm. Certainly they had a lot of experience , but they were obviously tired of doing this job, you could see it even on their daily humour .
    How disappointing adn frustrating is to spend almost u$7000 on a diving liveaboard , being on paradise and feeling in prison ! . It was such a release to not have to listen to Tina anymore when we finish the cruise !

    Something very important to point is that Bilikiki doesn´t have any insurance for your staff : one morning , when we came back from diving , I´ve found my new IPhone ( that had less than one month ) , with its screen and back side completely broken by a very strong hit ( which cannot be fixed , so I had to throw it ) . It was charging ,on the charging room that they designated for that ( as you are not allowed to charge anything in you room ) .Nobody knew what happened or who did it . Nobody took responsability of the facts , Bilikiki neither. They said that you are in charge of taking care of your stuff….which means anything that you have is safe on this boat, . After paying u$7000 you don´t even have safety for your passengers ? That´s not professional at all .
    This cruise is completely overpriced ,I wouldn´t repeat ot recommend it to anyone

    • Dear Claudia,

      Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are sorry to hear about your complaints regarding the Bilikiki and our staff. We take all feedback seriously and will follow up on the points you bring up.

      We did already know about your iPhone as we had many emails back and forth regarding the matter while you were onboard. It clearly states in our liability release, which you signed, that Bilikiki Cruises is not liable for damage to personal property. We do take all reasonable efforts to look after guests’ property and if the damage was clearly due to negligence on our part we would have covered the cost of your phone but, as you mention, we do not know how the phone was damaged. We still provided you with free hire gear for the trip (which was the approximate cost of replacing the broken screen, the damage reported at the time) in the hope that this incident would not ruin the rest of your trip. We also wrote you a letter so that you could make a claim on your travel insurance.

      Tina and Oli do a great job for us and we understand Tina can be strict when it comes to the rules, especially when it comes to general safe diving practices. Tina made a lot of effort with trying to sort out your phone and to help you organise your onward flights for after the trip.

      Just to clarify we do have insurance for our staff (and guests), I believe you may have meant stuff for which you are correct we do not carry insurance. This is standard practice and has never been an issue before.

      We are glad you considered the Solomons an incredible destination and hope you have a better experience if you ever decide to return to the country

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(16 votes, 3.31/5)

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