MV Sting Ray Maldives Liveaboard Reviews

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MV Sting Ray Diving Liveaboard

The Sting Ray liveaboard takes pride in its 31m-long motor yacht that can take care of up to 18 divers on board. It frequently tours around the North Male, South Male and Ari Atolls. When not diving, guests can enjoy either hanging out in the spacious shaded area socializing with others or sunbathing in the sundeck on sun mattresses & chairs.


An air-conditioned saloon also includes entertainment facilities and a bar, as well as an interesting collection of books, games and magazines. There’s no chance for boredom since chess and card games keep many guests entertained in a social environment. Tasty snacks and meals are also served buffet style.

MV Sting Ray yacht on board facilities and services:

  • Motorised dhoni dive tender
  • 50m² Dive deck with fresh water shower
  • Camera table & rinse tanks
  • Air-conditioned saloon with well-stocked bar, TV, DVD and music centre
  • Dedicated air-conditioned dining area
  • Library with diving magazines, novels and fish ID books

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Boat Budget Range / Price: Starts at US$ 1,379 for a 7 nights tour

MV Sting Ray is one of the longest-running and less expensive liveaboards in the Maldives.

Customer Review

“My friend and I bought this trip for quite a cheap price so we were expecting what is stated on the website and not more. Indeed, we got what we paid for. It’s not luxurious but it’s comfortable and there’s room for everyone to fit in comfortably. The food was great, air con in working condition and there was hot water. The beds were comfy, all the basics needs were then filled.

The boat was organized and it was easy to know where anything you could be looking for would be. The tanks were always filled with nitrox over the 200 bar. The crew was friendly, briefings were… Brief. The guides started descending before every divers in their group were in the water, that was interesting. Currents were strong and we had to ask about that often to be well informed and know what to expect. Once, we dove all together… I don’t know but to me it sounds like they could have done better… 12 people all together! Anyways, the guides had a good knowledge of their environment and could tell you a great deal about the sea life.

The dives were definitely stunning… I mean, the Maldives never disappoint!!! We saw every single marine animal we were told about: reef sharks, sea turtles, nurse shark, manta rays, a huge whale shark and many many fishes, smaller and bigger!!! It was unbelievable, breathtaking and unforgettable!!!”

Kayla & Amelie

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4 comments on “MV Sting Ray Maldives Liveaboard Reviews”

  1. Hi there,

    My friend and I (2 pax) have booked tickets for 18 Sep – 28 Sep to Male and we are interested in joining a liveaboard. Would like to find out if it is still available?

    Appreciate if you could share more information (rates, route, etc.) with us.

    Best regards

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

  2. I was expecting a great experience from a liveaboard. I was not expecting luxury since I booked a budget one. Unfortunately, it was not a good experience and I think everybody on the boat agreed with me.

    The air conditioning has not been functional at all during our stay, making it pretty much impossible to sleep in the rooms. I crashed on the couch for a few nights in the lounge area and some of our mates just tried sleeping in the room but all doors open. Beside that, the rooms were clean and looking good… I think it could have been comfortable!

    The Divemasters were simply incompetent. They are young and have obviously no experience. Some crazy stuff happened down in the water that should have never and that could have caused serious harm. They were never checking on the group, never making sure everybody was okay and following. We did a wreck dive and they never asked who had their specialization and who was a first timer and they swam through without paying attention to anyone. 1 diver got lost, because of a current, and ran out of air… Luckily his buddy found him and they shared air to the surface in time. It freaked everybody out and back on the boat they did not even come to check on the guy, see if anything went wrong, if they got up too quickly, deco time, etc. BAD… Just super bad!!!

    The rest of the time the weather was not super either so it was a globally bad experience for me, my friends and for most people on the boat I am sure!

    Is there any good points ? Yes… But the ones that don’t matter much beside what I just wrote.
    Food was great, good kitchen team and the boat in general was clean.

    Since when is low-budget meaning severe lack of security and primary comfort ?

  3. The equipment was in working condition, the boat was clean, the food was good and the team was nice and friendly. All you can expect from a budget liveaboard. The crew was of good help when my girlfriend had a little panic under water and everything went well! The dives were perfect in such a beautiful area of the world. Would do it again and recommend it

  4. Diving in the Maldives and waking up to such awesome views was a great experience! I am an advanced diver with like 25 dives to add for experience so I knew what I was doing and pretty confident in my skills but I have to say that for beginners, it could be hazardous. The DM team was not paying so much attention, like they assumed that everybody was fully skilled For every situation. There was a couple of beginners on the boat, others were mostly advanced and 2 rescue divers so everything unfolded nicely and we are lucky. I think the DM team should be reviewed…
    Anyways, as I said, the Maldives are a beautiful place to dive. Lots of sea life, beautiful corals and clear water. The boat was clean and comfortable, there was plenty of food and it was delicious. Would definitely do it again.

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