Best Papua New Guinea Liveaboard Reviews 2023

papua new guinea liveaboard review

Papua New Guinea Liveaboard Diving

The island of New Guinea, which the country shares with Indonesia, is the largest island of the country. Indeed, the hundreds of islands around it are smaller, divided in 10 provinces. While the country does have some modern cities, most of the population live in small villages and tribes. Also, many of these villages are self sufficient and have limited contact outside of neighboring tribes. Plus, over 800 different languages are spoken in the country.

Moreover, Papua New Guinea is a dive destination with many unique features. Indeed, the country has four major scuba diving areas, each offering something different. Just like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea has arguably some of the best diving in the world. While the dive resorts will give you great diving, a liveaboard diving cruise will allow you to explore and appreciate the area even more. There’s only a few liveaboard in Papua New Guinea, and some also cruise other South East Asian destinations.

Budget Papua New Guinea Liveaboards

The budget-friendly liveaboards often rhymes with great value at lower cost. This way, saying that “you get what you pay for” is not always relevant. Indeed, many low-cost liveaboards provide a safe, exciting experience and comfortable accommodations.

There are about five liveaboards sailing the different areas of Papua New Guinea, and 3 of them that we classify as budget-friendly liveaboards.

Spirit of Niugini

The Spirit of Niugini operates out of Tawall Resort, Milne Bay. She sails a number of different routes in Milne Bay giving divers a choice of many different styles of diving. Milne Bay has great diversity both in the type of diving and the marine life you will encounter. The Spirit of Niugini is a 36 meter long that can caters to 16 divers in 8 double-occupancy cabins. Originally built in 2001, the Spirit of Niugini was updated in 2016.

Spirit of Niugini Liveaboard budget png

Spirit of Niugini Liveaboard

The Spirit of Niugini does not run one set Itinerary. The itineraries vary by number of days and routes. Indeed, some of the routes include scuba diving at both the Tawali resort and at Tufi Resort. The reef in the Tufi area is considered the best year round diving in PNG. Plus, you will find 30 dive sites within 15 minutes of the resort.

Solomons PNG Master

The Solomons PNG Master is a member of the Master Fleet, which is a division of Worldwide Dive and Sail (WWDAS). Formerly known as the Taka, the vessel explores both Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Plus, should you want to venture away from the common dive sites, the liveaboard offers transition sailing between the two locations. Indeed, it’s the opportunity to to explore and discover new dive sites.

Moreover, the Solomons PNG Master is 30 meters long and caters to 20 guests, hosting them in 12 cozy cabins.

solomon PNG master liveaboard diving cruise

MV Chertan

I think the best term to apply to the MV Chertan is intimate. Indeed, the liveaboard is smaller compared to the other vessels, with a length of only 18 meters. Of course, this means only 10 divers aboard, and intimate cruise and uncrowded diving.

The MV Chertan does not have a set itinerary per say. If you are doing a whole boat charter you can choose from an Exploratory Dive Safari or a Muck Dive Nudibranch Safari or combine both.

Their facebook page posted recently about a special trip saying: “After a 5 week trip, 132 dives we have found a staggering 624 species of Nudibranch.”


Luxury Papua New Guinea Liveaboards

Given that Papua New Guinea is not much developed, it can seem unusual to find luxurious accommodations. That being said, PNG has two luxury liveaboard diving cruise you can board, and each are unique.

M/V FeBrina

The M/V FeBrina operates out of Walindi Resort in Kimbe Bay, New Britain Island. The liveaboard features 7 air-conditioned en-suite cabins, catering to up to 12 guests. The main deck has a large lounge, galley, outdoor seating up front and the dive deck.

The latter is spacious and has easy access to a dive platform at water level. Knowing that PNG would attract many divers with an interest in underwater photography, ample space for their equipment needs were included in the redesigns and later upgrades. The dive deck has a camera table and 110V and 220V outlets for recharging batteries.

New Britain Island is one of the main diving destinations within Papau New Guinea. It is relatively new compared to the other dive destinations and like the others much of it is undiscovered. Most of the M/V FeBrina trips are in and around New Britian Island and its many off shore small islands. The vessel does some special trips to other areas as well.

True North

One thing is for sure, the True North is not your usual liveaboard. It’s bigger and offers a lot of amenities we don’t find elsewhere. It sure is a great option for those looking for a luxury liveaboard diving cruise in Papua New Guinea!

Quickly, the True North is a luxury adventure cruise ship/ yacht. She is 50 meters of pure luxury. There are 22 crew members to pamper 36 guest in 18 cabins. She has a number of different itineraries mostly ranging from 10 to 14 day. Some of their sailing each year include scuba diving for certified divers. The diving is integrated into other adventure activities, so expect fewer dives than on other dive liveaboards.

You can always view schedules & prices for this boat! 

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Explorer Class Cabin on True North

Papua New Guinea Liveaboards Itineraries

Each of the liveaboards that operate in PNG are unique. There is no common itinerary. There is also variety in the itinerary in each of the liveaboards. It best to select the destination you are most interested in, then see what liveaboards sail that area.

Best time to dive in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a great dive destination year round. One interesting point is that when visibility or sea conditions are not ideal in one area, they will be in another. Sometimes you can even depart from the same port.

Papua New Guinea Liveaboard last minute

Looking to dive a liveaboard within the next few months? Like cruise ships and hotels, liveaboards often try to sell unbooked cabins at a discount when it gets close to the time to sail. Check out our last minute listing.

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