SSI Divemaster internship 6 weeks

Divemaster Internship Academy
August 17, 2023
Avenida la marina b8, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
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Do you have limited or no experience in diving, but want to be a Scuba Pro?

Then start living the dream and join us today.

We have been in Tenerife training Dive Pro's for almost 16 years, and have trained over 8,000 scuba divers, something other Dive Centres can only dream of!

In just 6 weeks we will give you:

* SSI Open Water Course

* SSI Advanced Open Water Course

* SSI React Right Course

* SSI Rescue Diver Course

* SSI Divemaster Course

* Equipment Rental

* Fun Diving (you will need to reach a minimum of 60 logged dives for the divemaster course)

* FREE Accommodation

Why choose us;
We have more than 45 years of combined experience in scuba diving
We have trained over 8,000 scuba divers
We have issued almost 3,000 Dive Pro certifications
Our Dive Centre is one, of only a few, with a 100% safety record. So not only fun, but safe too!
We are the ONLY SSI Dive Academy dedicated to training Dive Pros
Out Divemaster training programs have been refined over the last 16 years to offer the best affordable options.

Ready to know more?
Others make promises...we make Dive Professionals.

Email us today and get ready to live the dream!

Contact us today to start the rest of your life

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