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Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is made up of four independent countries: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. Commonly known as Micronesia, it is a tourist destination that is below the radar of most tourist. Yap and Chuuk are the two destinations within the FSM that are scuba diving destinations. Of these Chuuk is the better liveaboard destination.

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Yap, Micronesia.

Micronesia Liveaboard Diving

Chuuk was formerly referred to as Truk and you will see the name both ways still. Chuuk is an atoll surrounded by a protected reef of 225 kilometers (140 mi). Plus, the island is enclosing a natural lagoon, with an area of 2,130 square kilometers (820 square miles). The lagoon has a number of islands itself. It is here that the Japanese created their largest military base in the Pacific islands.

The history behind Chuuk’s wrecks!

Truk played a vital role for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the early portions of WWII. It served as the headquarters of its fleet in the western and southern Pacific and was a critical logistic point. In order for the allies to advance, they need to neutralize Chuuk. On February 17th 1944 American Fleet Task Force 58 launched ‘Operation Hailstone’, the mission to destroy the Japanese military at Truk lagoon. Hundreds of aircraft were destroyed on the ground and many more in the air. Any warships and cargo ships in the lagoon found themselves under attacked and eventually sunk.

Diver on the Sankisan Maru

Diver on the Sankisan Maru supplied by Odyssey Liveaboard

It is these ships and some aircraft that are attracting divers from all over the world. About 60 different dive sites are found here. The dive shops and resorts on Chuuk bring divers to many of the best dive sites. You can dive from the resorts and have interesting and different dives each outing. However, diving from a liveaboard has some extra benefits and is a great advantage. Because there is less travel time involved during the diving day and no need to return to the resort before it gets dark, divers can experience up to 5 dives a day including twilight or night dives. Early risers can be diving as the sun rises and catch the reef coming alive in the new light. You can also explore some of the lessor known and dive wrecks.


scuba dive liveaboard budget ss thorfinn chuuk

SS Thorfinn

The SS Thorfinn is an outstanding example where budget means value and not cheap. The liveaboard vessel does week long trips in Chuuk Lagoon carrying 20 passengers in double occupancy cabins. Some of the rooms can be set up for a third person.

The SS Thorfinn has a unique pricing structure. It has a budget price plan, the E pack, that includes three dive a day, which is about 15% lower than their standard rate. The standard rate called Sunrise Special includes five dives a day and free Nitrox for Nitrox certified divers. They also have special rates for close circuit divers and technical divers.

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There are two other liveaboards that sail to Truk Lagoon, they are the 37 meter long Truk Master and the 40 meter long Odyssey. Both of these fine liveaboards offer a very comfortable experience which ranks with the best liveaboards in the world.


truk master liveaboard luxury scuba chuuk

Truk Master Liveaboard

The Truk Master is a member of the Master Fleet which in turn is a part of Worldwide Dive and Sail. Worldwide Dive and Sail owns and operates a range of diving, sailing and cruising yachts across Asia and the Pacific including the Siren Fleet dive liveaboards, Master Liveaboards diving boats, The Junk dive liveaboard and the Golden Dragon sailing catamaran. They are also adding more yachts and diving destinations in 2018.

The Truk Master has 16 guests in 8 cabins and will help find a share for divers traveling solo. Each stateroom are en-suite and have individual air conditioning units. Common areas are found on the middle and upper decks and include a spacious indoor dining area, a camera set up station and guest storage drawers. There is also a lounge bar with comfortable bench seating and plasma screen, shaded outdoor seating area and a sundeck.

They have both 7 night and 10 night departures. Divers will generally have four dives a day, an early morning dive, a late morning dive and an afternoon dive. This will be followed by either a twilight dive or a night dive. The Truk Master requires that divers are at least an Advance Open Water Diver with 50 dives. Nitrox and Deep certification is recommended, however, There is no certification on board the vessel. They are also able to cater to technical divers.

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The Odyssey

The other luxury liveaboard is the Odyssey, which was originally designed as a small cruise ship sailing the Fiji Islands. The ship was designed to carry 40 passengers plus the crew. When the ship was remodeled as a scuba diving liveaboard, the staterooms were reconfigured.

Now, the maximum number of passengers the Odyssey will accommodate is 16. There are nine cabins; two single cabins, six king or twins and one double/twin bunk. All cabins have private head and shower. The resulting staterooms from the redesign gives the Odyssey some of the largest staterooms at sea. The public spaces were renovated, however, most maintained their original size giving the individual diver ample space any where on board.

odyssey stateroom luxury liveaboard truk

Odyssey Stateroom

The Odyssey does propose a certain dive schedule, but mostly goes with an open ocean policy. So after the 7:45 am dive brief you and your dive buddy wish to wait a while, that is up to you. Enter when you wish. The Odyssey also has some training on board, so you can become certified as an Advance Open Water , Deep, Wreck or Nitrox diver.

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chuuk truk liveaboards luxury

Chuuk liveaboards

Most of the liveaboard experiences in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a seven night trip. The timing is such that you will be able to dive for seven days. Therefore your flight schedule should have you arrive a day early to get rested and hydrated and leave the day after you return from the liveaboard to reduce your nitrogen. There are also ten night trips. Unlike most liveaboards that follow a set path, These liveaboards have more flexibility in the itineraries. They will still give you all the great dive sites, but not in a set order.


Diving in Yap & Chuuk is great year round. There is little difference in air and water temperature. The atoll is away from major landmasses and outside of the typhoon zone. There is no rainy season and when it does rain it is short lived.


If you have flexibility in your schedule and wish to dive in Micronesia in the near future take a look at the last minute page.

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