Commercial Diving Jobs

May 1, 2024
Barcelona, Spain
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Commercial diving jobs is a specialized field that involves underwater work in various industries, such as offshore oil and gas, shipping, and construction. Here's an overview of some key job roles within commercial diving:

  1. Offshore Diver: Works in the oil and gas industry on tasks related to the exploration, installation, maintenance, and repair of offshore structures. These divers often work at great depths and require extensive training and certification.
  2. Hull and Ship Maintenance Diver: This role specializes in the inspection, repair, and cleaning of ship hulls, underwater machinery, and docks. It is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and efficiency of maritime vessels.
  3. Underwater Construction Diver: Involved in construction projects below water, such as bridge piers, dams, and harbour facilities. These divers help place, repair, and remove structures.
  4. Salvage Diver: This position recovers sunken objects, including boats, cargo, and hazardous materials. It requires a strong understanding of lifting techniques and salvage laws.
  5. HSE Commercial Diver: A Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) diver focuses on ensuring that diving operations are conducted safely and in compliance with environmental regulations.
  6. Scientific Diver: Supports scientific research by collecting samples, placing and retrieving scientific instruments, and sometimes conducting experiments underwater. These divers often work for universities, research institutions, or governmental agencies.
  7. Nuclear Diver: Operates in atomic facilities, performing tasks such as inspection, maintenance, and cleanup of nuclear reactors. This job requires specialized training due to the hazardous environment.
  8. Underwater Photographer/Videographer: Captures images and video footage underwater for various purposes, including scientific documentation, media production, and commercial advertising.

Each of these roles requires specific skills and certifications, with divers undergoing rigorous training to handle the physical and technical demands of working underwater. Safety is paramount in commercial diving jobs, making adherence to professional standards and practices a critical aspect of the job.