Koh Tao Dive Price

dive prices in koh tao

There are more than 30 Scuba Diving Centers around Koh Tao. There is therefore a concurency and the dive prices are very low, indeed this is one of the cheapest place to dive in the world!

Please find below a summary of the diving prices around Koh Tao:

Discover:  60 to 70 US Dollars / 55 to 60 Euros

One Dive cost: 25 to 35 US Dollars / 20 to 25 Euros

Padi Open Water Course:  275 to 290 US Dollars / 250 to 260 Euros

Padi Open Water Advanced Course: 265 to 275 US Dollars / 240 to 250 Euros

Recue Diver Course: 290 to 310 US Dollars / 270 to 280 Euros

Divemaster Course price: starts from 800 US Dollars / 700 Euros

As you can see, cost of diving around Koh Tao is quite low! However I advise you not to always go to the cheapest dive center but to visit a few and ask questions before chosing. It is always better to pay a bit more and to feel comfortable with your Divemaster!

Enjoy ;-).

  1. Great advice about not always going for the cheapest dive school, but there are some great bargains on Koh Tao! I did my Open Water Course with Chic Diving and it was top quality. All new equipment, small groups and they have the deepest diving pool on the Island at 3.5meters. Don’t take my word for it though, check their reviews. So glad I chose Chic Diving for my Open Water Course on Koh Tao =)

    • Hi Shin!
      We work hard to stay up to date, but indeed the prices have not been updated in a while here. Your best shot to have a quick answer would be to look directly on the many dive centers websites to know their prices – which change pretty much every year or so and vary from one another.

      My personal favorite on Koh Tao is a small dive shop, with a great work ethic and environmentally conscious practices : La Bombona Diving & Cafe.

      Best bubbles!

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