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Can you present yoursel?

Love diving, Love traveling, Love animal

Agnes Tjandranegara

What do you like in Underwater Photography?

Good photos can be done in combination with various factors: weather, light, sea creatures-amount, position, and distance, buddies, and then equipment & diver’s skill, that harmony and the art of the moment is just fascinating.

When Did you start Diving?

Feb, 2003, incidentally!

What Underwater Camera do you use?

G11, Canon with canon housing

 What is your Best Scuba Diving Memory?

It could be distinguished with the best diving tour.

During my open water course, the very first jumping into the ocean. Will never forget that time.

What is your worst one?

In saipan, i had chance to dive with other group (2 Chinese). They did not have any courtesy during whole diving; kicked the sands ahead of us, urged to the every subject, so others could not take look or get photos of those. Hit the other divers with their fins…… after that experience, I check diving level of other divers.

What are your favourite diving destinations?

Raja ampat, Palau

 What is your next diving trip? What is your Diving Wish List?

Western Australia for dugong & whale shark

Whale shark, thresher shark, blue ring octopus, boxer crab, dolphin, whale, seal….

Where have you bee diving up to now?

Phuket, similan, phiphi, koh tao, sipadan, dahab, Maldives, palau, komodo, raja ampat, bali, lembeh and bunaken, sabang, saipan, jeju(korea)

Did you get any awards for your Pictures?

Not submitted any yet

Any Tips about underwater photography for beginners?!

Press shutter with neutral buoyancy, then again. Experience more. Then you will get the idea.

Any Other Information you would like to add.

 Do not blame your camera.

Do not miss good diving with focusing on only photography.

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