Komodo dive cruises

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komodo liveaboard diving cruises

Best Komodo liveaboard dive cruises

The Komodo Islands archipelago is a very well-known liveaboard diving destination. This region of Indonesia is much less crowded than the popular island of Bali. The Komodo National Park is full of wonders, and will undoubtedly find its place among your best travel memories! On the island of Komodo, you can meet the Komodo Dragon, known worldwide for being the biggest living lizard. Underwater, a surprising biodiversity awaits!

Komodo, generally speaking, includes Flores, Rinca, Komodo and Alor. Away from mass tourism, Komodo as a region is a bunch of volcanic islands boasting a great array of marine species. In order to get the most out of your scuba diving experience in Komodo, it is highly recommended to take a liveaboard cruise! Such cruise will allow great relaxation moments, amazing land excursions, diving of great quality and, above all, it will maximize your time! More information on Komodo liveaboard cruises here.

When to dive Komodo?

Scuba Diving in Komodo is possible all year . That said, the conditions for diving are best between April and December. The water temperatures normally vary between 27°C and 30°C during these months. With visibility at its peak in the summer, macro photography enthusiasts will love to look for all the critters. Big fishes and Manta Ray lovers will want to be around from December to February. Visibility tends to decrease during this period, because of the amount of plankton floating in the water, but that’s a small price to pay to swim along with majestic Manta Rays!

Ocean currents around Komodo are generally strong, it is advised to have a good level of experience and to gear up with appropriate equipment, such as a hook.

Cruise Rate

First, the entrance fee to the Komodo National Park is 175,000 Rupiah Indonesian – about $ 18 USD per day. This rate increases to $ 250,000 IDR – $ 25 USD during Sundays and public holidays. This fare includes the entrance fee, scuba diving fee, video camera fee, etc.

The dive cruise rates in Komodo vary depending on the cruise’s duration, the season and the level of luxury of the selected boat. Average lower prices start at around $ 225 USD / day and go up to over $ 500 USD the day.

Hint: Look for cheap liveaboard in Komodo with promotions and last minute offers: some boats offer prices below the $ 200 USD / night!

Some travel agencies offer a budget price for some all inclusive packages. Sometimes with airfare and transfers to Komodo in the bundle! Otherwise, to get to Indonesia, look on discount sites and you can find fairly cheap flights! Once in Indonesia, there are a few low-cost airlines which you can use to get to your liveaboard cruise departure point. Bali is often the starting point for Komodo liveaboard diving cruises and has its international airport: Denpasar.

Dive cruise VS Resort in Komodo

Liveaboard all the way! A liveaboard diving cruise can only enlarge your horizons and grant you access to the best diving spots. Moreover, the cruise will take you on land excursions so you can see the Komodo Dragons and simply walk and admire the lush green vegetation. You will then have the choice to discover the Komodo region with no compromise, between land and sea! You will witness the pristine environment of the archipelago and the true culture of the locals. Taking a liveaboard is the best way to have a hassle-free diving holiday in Indonesia!

More information on Indonesia liveaboards here and Komodo liveaboard special offers here!

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