Belize Aggressor 3 Liveaboard Review

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Expensive, and Luxury!

Belize Aggressor 3 dive boat review

Boat Review

Cruising at a top speed of 12 knots, this luxurious 34 metre Belize liveaboard departs Belize City on Saturdays all throughout the year. Air-conditioned cabins can accommodate up to 18 adventurous divers, all with sea-view windows, en-suite bathroom, TV/DVD player and modern amenities!

Refurbished in 2007, Belize Aggressor 3 is equipped with a large bar, a partially shaded sun deck and a spacious salon where divers can relax. The dive deck is well equipped including dedicated rinse tanks for cameras & scuba dive gear, personal gear lockers for air or nitrox fill stations, plus a built-in camera table. There is also a saloon with comfy chairs, light table and entertainment centre. Sumptuous local Caribbean, international dishes and even a tasty BBQ can be enjoyed in the dining area served buffet style.

Belize Aggressor 3 also offers Scuba Diving certification courses including underwater photography and videography. Expect comfort, quality service and an unforgettable liveaboard experience with Aggressor 3!

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Belize Aggressor 3 boat on board facilities and services:

  • Enriched air nitrox
  • Motorised dinghy
  • Dive deck & platform with space for 25 divers, hot water showers, toilet and rinse tank
  • Computer, CD burner & chargeable internet facility
  • Movie library, fish books, games and diving magazines
  • Satellite telephone
  • Water dispenser

Aggressor 3 boat Budget Range/Rate: Starts at US$ 2,495 for a 7 night tour

Customer Review

“Me and my friends love diving and each year we always make it a point to organize at least two dive trips, wherein one of it is our dive trip in Belize. For that trip, we decided to book on the Aggressor III. We had 5 dives a day that includes night dives (all of which were excellent I should say!) and 2 more dives on our last day. Although dive in the blue hole is a bit disappointing, nonetheless, the dive trip as a whole was great as most of the dive site’s coral reefs were in excellent condition and overall visibility was fine.

The captain and the crew were amazing. The diving, accommodations, food, staff were all above average.

The cabins of Aggressor III are luxurious and with TV. Me and my friends love the hot showers on the dive platform. We also love the hot towels after each dive!

And the food? Food was superb and excellent! The snacks after each dive are highly recommended and commendable! The boat has a lot of beverages to choose from. The crews were very accommodating and nice. They even accommodated our request to eat (and drink a bit of their draught beer) after our night dives.

Overall, our dive trip in Belize with the Aggressor III was a great and enjoyable one!

I would definitely go back in a heartbeat.”

Josh, UK, 2015

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“Little known a decade ago, Belize is now a must do destination for serious divers.”

Belize Diving Review

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3 liveaboard reviews for “Belize Aggressor 3

  1. My cousin went to Belize last year for a birthday diving trip. He told me that his diving trip was an amazing experience and that Belize Aggressor III was the best choice of liveaboard when in Belize.

    Late last year, I planned to go to Belize this January and dive the Blue Hole. Since it’s my very first experience on a liveaboard and the fact that my cousin already got the experience aboard the Aggressor III, I opted to book on it. And I should say that I really love and enjoyed the experience even I was without my favorite dive buddy and bestfriend, my wife.

    Aside from the dives, I also attended the on-board photo workshop, which was fun and exciting since I had my new underwater camera with me and I also wanted to take better underwater photos.

    As to the boat’s crew, they were very friendly and very accommodating. As to the boat, my assigned cabin was nice. Food was great, flavorful and tasty. The meals are served buffet style for breakfast and lunch that I think I gained weight after staying there for a week. Hahaha!

    And what’s even more surprising were their complementary Aggressor-labeled wine and local beer, which were very good. Should you need hot water, there is plenty of it onboard. The dining area, which is located on the bow of the boat, was comfortable enough even if at times it can be a bit crowded.

  2. My Group Stayed on the Aggressor Ii Feb. 22-29. Several Members of my group including my wife and I were Robbed during the Captain’s Cocktail Party on February 28,2020. I personally had $400.00 stolen. The Robber or Robbers knew the boat and the robbery was well organized and deliberate. Security Camera’s Recorder was off. Aggresser Head Quarter’s said 13 days latter “they are not Responsible for the Safty of Guest and their money”. The Police WERE NOT NOTIFIED” other members of our group had some of their cash taken as well. Same MO. We reported this to Captain Jerome. He notified Aggressor USA. They advised him not to notify the Police. I contacted Aggressor Headquarters when I returned to the USA on Monday March 2,2020. I spoke with Larry Speaker VP of Operations for Aggressor. Larry said he was made aware of what had happened by Captain Jerome in Belize. I submitted report reguarding the Robbery on March 4,2020. I copied CEO Wayne Brown whom responded quickly with concerns. On Friday March 13, 2020. I received the official response from Larry Speaker. Apology, Information about new security measures. Such as additional cameras to protect the halls leading to the State rooms were the Robbery occurred. Battery Back up so that the security camera recording devise will not shut off like it did the evening we were robbed. In the end Larry Said ” Like The INN KEEPER Aggressor IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MONEY IF YOU ARE ROBBED WHILE ON THEIR BOATS”.

    My Suggestion to others call the Police yourself. If there is no investigation their will be no justice. In our case the robber was able to move freely about the boat with knowledge of were the Guest had their money. Interesting Fact the robber mainly took $100.00 bills and left the other money behind. In my case they also took 5, $20.00 left 4 behind. Lets all think about this you may not know how many $5s and $10s you have in your wallet. You generally always know the $100s. I sure do! Sad we had a good trip until the last evening. I was planning to travel again with other Aggressor Fleets now I don’t know. we gave a $600.00 cash tip earlier that day and paid over $500.00 for Blue Hole shirts, Photos from the week and other items with our credit card. The staff said they want all the Guest to attend the Cocktail Party even if they did not drink, Party was on the upper Deck. Pretty convenient for a robbery of the cabins on the lower deck. Great week of Diving spoiled by this event. I was surprised at the Official response. I did not expect money. I did expect some form of restitution. With that in mind i suggest that you protect yourself and becarefull.

    Tony P.

    • Hi Tony! I’m deeply sorry to read about such a sad and frustrating event. Fortunately it’s not something we hear of often, espcially in the relatively small world of the liveaboard diving cruises. I simply want to thank you for sharing your experience with us on Divezone, and I sincerely hope that the company will end up offering any kind of arrangement. In the meantime, may you and your family stay safe and healthy!

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(40 votes, 3.15/5)

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