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Expensive, and Luxury!

Oceanes Dream dive boat review

The Oceanes Dream is a liveaboard operating diving cruises in Madagascar. Indeed, the 13 meters catamaran welcomes a small number of guests and sails to discover the pristine dive sites of the region.


The cabins

The Oceane’s Dream proposes a private cruise, with only 8 guests on-board each voyage. The 4 cabins available all have a private bathroom facility.

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Oceane’s Dream’s on-board facilities

The ship’s interior is very simple, but everything is there for a great cruise. You will find a dining room, kitchen and a lounge. Plus, there’s a second dining area outside. Either ways, you will be able to contemplate the landscapes of Madagascar as there are plenty of large windows!

oceanes dream liveaboard diving madagascar


Diving with the Oceane’s Dream

The ship is equipped with all the navigation and safety equipment needed for a safe cruise. Also, the boat crew includes an experienced dive guide who will lead you to the best diving in Madagascar.

The diving cruise’s departure point is the island of Nosy Be, with routes going either to the Radames Archipelago or the Mitsio Archipelago. One thing is certain, it’s that the area’s dive sites are pristine and teeming with marine life. Plus, the itineraries offered on the Oceane’s Dream diving cruise include some beach strolling on remote location that most people will never go to!

Price starts at 984$US – 6 days / 5 nights 

Where does this liveaboard dive boat go?

Check out the fabulous places where this dive boat travels to.
Note: some destinations may not be listed below, please enquire for more details.


10% of the world’s humpback whale population migrate here each year!

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One Liveaboard feedback for “Oceanes Dream”

  1. If there was an option to give less than one star I would. First of all I booked a trip with Oceans Dream through Liveaboard.com 8 month before the trip. I planned my whole stay in Madagascar (and Africa) around this 6 day trip. When I arrived in the dive store, the owner Eric said without much empathy that the trip is cancelled as a cyclone was about to arrive. I couldn’t believe what I heard. Natural disasters happen, but not letting the customers know beforehand made me so incredibly angry because I could have changed the plans around without needing to come up to Nosy Be. This was just the start…what came after was something I never encountered in any countries I’ve been to and I travelled all continents…
    The dive centre just didn’t get that me (and another 3 victims) were the vulnerable part here having paid €1300 and not getting a service. First they offered a full refund then they were only willing to refund their part without the commission to liveaboard.com. (Just above €900)
    The 3 other ‘cyclone victims’ went for this option, I asked if I could go onto the same trip the week after and there was no problem with it. I just wish I asked for the refund instead…
    First of all on my original rental list I asked for a torch, and Maud (who assisted us with the refund process but with an incredible attitude) said, sorry we are out of torches.
    Me: ‘but I put this down on my renting wish list months ago’
    Her: ‘sorry we don’t have anymore. Every diver should travel with a dive torch anyway…’
    wow really?
    And what blew my mind completely was that when I arrived to the briefing about the whole trip in the dive shop, the new group was already there – A French group of friends, 5 people- and with that little French that I understand Maud was talking to them about me being a ‘princess’ and briefed them in about what a ‘pain in the ass’ I was wanting a refund for my previous trip. As you all can imagine this set me off well with the group, and for the next 6 days I was like air on that boat. They spoke in French ONLY not making any effort with me. Maud did all the briefing in French and as a Cruise Director her job would have been to involve me equally in the group and she almost did the opposite. She also told me that she studied behaviour analysis, so somehow this situation has become all my fault.
    On the very first dive she chose a site where the current was incredibly strong.
    She said that we were going to go down with the fast release – I said I needed to take it slow on the first time because usually I have problems equalising – she said well I have to come down fast because there is a current. On the briefing she said first we will swim in the direction of the current and as we went down we swam for about 10 minutes against the current, I finished my air within 30 minutes and when I told her I had 50 bars left she didn’t want to come up with me and asked me to come down to the bottom (I get that, the current is not as strong there but I was at 50 bar without having done any safety stop after having been at 35m ?!)
    When we arrived up she started talking to me as if I was an Open water diver with 10 total dives and when I said that we didn’t go according to the plan she briefed, she said we don’t need to follow the brief if we see something…then the plan changes.
    So I think I said enough for those of you who are used to well organised, experienced and knowledgeable cruises and directors. She was incredibly nervous and insecure as this was the first time she did the trip. She did the good old method of trying to get the rest of the group on her side and after every situation they spoke about it in French.
    Surely as a company you don’t send someone completely new (not only to the site but also as an instructor) on a 6 day liveaboard with no local knowledge. The dives were not easy dives. Lots of currents and you needed to be able to adapt to the tide/current situation as a cruise director when choosing a dive site.
    The staff however was wonderful and they cooked us the best meals. If you are looking for a sailboat experience with 2 dives/day and don’t really care about the diving itself, go for it, otherwise stay away! Proper French arrogance and attitude all around. Local Malagasy people are not treated with respect by them either and they really tried their best to make me feel included despite the language barrier.

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(9 votes, 3.33/5)

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