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Expensive, and Luxury!

Seafari Explorer dive boat review

The Seafari Explorer is a liveaboard operating in the Maldives. Indeed, the 37 meters vessel offers itineraries that will deliver a great scuba diving cruise. The newest of the Seafari International fleet, the Seafari Explorer is a luxurious yacht ready for adventure!


The cabins

The Seafari Explorer can welcome up to 24 passengers on-board each diving cruise. Indeed, the boat proposes 12 lavish cabins, all to be booked in double-occupancy. The layout is flexible, so you can easily have a double bed room, or a twin shared cabin. Plus, every cabin is complete with a private bathroom, ample storage space, and air-conditioning.

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liveaboard seafari explorer diving cruise maldives


Seafari Explorer’s on-board facilities

The Seafari Explorer has all it take to be ranked among the most luxurious Maldives liveaboards. Indeed, all the social areas are generously sized, boasting huge window panes that allow a constant panoramic view over the Maldives beautiful seascape.

seafari explorer diving cruise maldives.

The main area is a salon and dining area, as pictured below. They both have enough space for everyone to gather there comfortably. Plus, the lounge features a complete entertainment system.


seafari explorer diving cruise maldives liveaboard


Furthermore, as you get outside, you will discover even more space where to hang out between dives. The Seafari Explorer is so spacious that everyone will get a sense of privacy, especially with 24 guests, or less, on-board! The upper deck displays 2 covered outdoor lounges, one at the bow, and the other at the aft. Also, the top deck is a massive solarium, including a jacuzzi tub. Of course, the sundeck offers a breathtaking view over the Maldives, and plenty of loungers to lay on!


seafari explorer diving cruise maldives


Scuba diving with the Seafari Explorer

First, the Explorer is brought to you by the Seafari Fleet, which is highly experienced in the Maldives. Indeed, they also manage the Princess Haleema and the Moonima, in the Maldives, as well as many more worldwide.

Secondly, the boat offers itineraries that will take you to the best dive sites of the Maldives. You get to choose from many routes like the “Central Atolls”, “North Atolls”, and much more.

Prices starts at 2,079$US – 10 nights – Central & South (Example only)

Where does this liveaboard dive boat go?

Check out the fabulous places where this dive boat travels to.
Note: some destinations may not be listed below, please enquire for more details.

destination of the month


Great Drift Dives, amazing place for underwater photography. Good chance of spotting Manta Rays and Whale Sharks!

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8 liveaboard reviews for “Seafari Explorer”

  1. Possibly the worst live aboard I have ever been on. Rude guides.
    Terrible food. Absolutely horrible boat. That manager was rude and unhelpful.

    • Hi Pat,
      I’m sorry to read that this liveaboard was so disappointing. Thank you for sharing your review here on Divezone, it surely will help other divers.
      Wishing you a better experience next time! :)

      • Thankyou. I have been to the beautiful Maldives many times and there are a lot of great liveaboards. Do NOT go with this company. They have no customer service and are extremely rude to guests. The boat is not as shown in the promotional shots but its very old and badly decorated.

  2. My partner and I have tremendously enjoyed Seafari Explorer liveaboard this November in Maldives. The boat crew and the guides are very polite and pleasant, the food and service met our expectations and the overall experience was just amazing. My partner celebrated his birthday on the boat and even without me warning anyone, he and all the guests were offered a very nice cake from the crew, a very nice gesture. Being 10 days on the boat there are always thibgs which may miss or could be better, but none which we would remember, we leave with a very pleasant memory!

  3. Did you get paid to write this review?
    Didn’t the boat sink?
    Is it back??
    They had to use a semi-naked Thai model to make that terrible boat look good ..they have no taste so don’t expect any..

    • Hi JP,
      Not sure if you are talking to us at Divezone or if your comment was meant to be a response to the previous, positive comment of Vitalie & Stein up above.

      If this is oriented toward this page, please note two things: this page was done a long time ago and no we were not paid, this is an informative page of the boat, doesn’t reflect any of our personal opinion as I’m guessing none of our team members have been on it (maybe yes, most likely not).

      This page aims to present the liveaboard, juste like the thousands of other liveaboard in the world that we also present and allows people to freely express their reviews, negative or positive.

      As to know if it has sunk, I would not be likely to think so as I don’t see any notice on the company’s website and our partners, still has it on with open bookings.

      Please feel free to leave your documented review of the boat, should you have any. It is always helpful for other divers to read peer reviews about liveaboards before they book.

      Best bubbles!

  4. Yes, it sunk and damaged a coral reef, then they hired a bigger more expensive boat to try to cover up the whole business
    This is a very unprofessional company who leave staff sleeping all over the boat at night ..
    Terrible way to treat workers ..
    And they use photographic advertising to cover up their poor facilities..
    People travel a long way to see and dive the Maldives should be taken advantage of. They are cheaper but there is an obvious reason and they are not of the usual quality you would find in the Maldives. They have bad management and I have read much worse online.

  5. Amazing boat with great guides! The local guide on board is a legend and the food was really nice. We had beautiful dives with mantas, whalesharks… I already booked for next year and can’t wait to meet the crew again!

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(61 votes, 2.84/5)

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