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Bahamas Diving

The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an archipelago of 2,000 islands with some of the clearest water on Earth. The country attracts millions of visitors per year, wherein more than 70% of which were cruise visitors.

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Explore the exciting underwater world of Bahamas and experience an adrenaline pumping dive adventure


Have a look to what is like underwater with this Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard Diving video:


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The Bahamas’ waters are amazingly clear with spectacular coral reefs, historic shipwrecks, sunken galleons, blue holes, intricate underwater cave systems, caverns and tunnels; all that offer SCUBA divers a range of excitement and dive adventures.

Average visibility in the Bahamas is around 24 to 30 meters (80 to 100 feet).

Water temperature on the other hand averages 18 to 25°C (65-77° F) during the winter, 27°C (80°F) in spring and 24-33°C (75-91°F) in the summer and with so many islands and dive sites to explore, a liveaboard is one of the most popular ways to dive the Bahamas.

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BEST TIME TO GO on a liveaboard in the Bahamas

Storms typically last about 2 days but stir up the visibility for a couple of weeks. However, the subtropical climate provides the country about 340 sunny days each year, making dive conditions impressive year-round.

  • If one wishes to experience Great Hammerhead Sharks encounters then the best month to dive is from January to March.
  • For Oceanic White Tip Shark adventure in Cat Island, the best time to go if from March to June.
  • Thrill seekers who wants adventure with wild sharks in Nassau should dive in the months of November to June while underwater encounters with the Tiger Sharks and Lemon Sharks should dive in May to September.




Liveaboard route and Best Dive sites in the Bahamas Islands

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  • Lost Blue Hole is one of the Bahamas’ many Blue Holes; Nassau’s is 220′ at depth and 100′ wide. At about 70′ there is a cavern which is frequented by lobsters. Nurse sharks, puffer fish and turtles also tend to hang out near the hole.
  • Theo’s Wreck -A large freighter, a cement ship that was sunk as an artificial reef right on the edge of the wall and sits at 110 feet. Large groupers, snappers, jacks and hogfish can be seen on the site.
  • About 1 and a half miles off the east coast of Andros sits the Andros Barrier Reef, one of the world’s largest barrier reefs that measures 190 miles long and home to more than hundreds of marine species.
  • If you’re a James Bond fan then you surely don’t want to miss diving the Vulcan Bomber, a wreck purpose-sunk for the movie Thunderball. There’s also the Tears of Allah wreck that was used in the movie Never Say Never Again.
  • Wall diving in Conception Island is one of the best in the Bahamas. Tunnels and caves are located on the south wall in 70 to 100 feet. The island also has several wrecks, wherein one is the British ship HMS Southampton.
  • On Long Island, you can dive the world’s deepest blue hole, find great reefs, visit wrecks and look over walls that drop into the deep blue.
  • The Abacos are known as one of the world’s top boating and sailing destinations. It has several protected underwater areas such as Fowl Cay National Reserve and Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park that have reefs with swim-through caves.




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