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Luxury Liveaboards in Raja Ampat Archipelago

Raja Ampat is THE place in the world for diving. This world-class diving destination is right in the core of the Coral Triangle. The biodiversity found in Raja Ampat is unparalleled, the best way to find out is by taking a diving cruise there. A liveaboard will take you to the best dive sites and enrich your experience.

The diving will sure be the highlight of your trip, the boat you choose to stay on will very likely be the second best thing; make the right choice! Choosing a luxury liveaboard will simply enhance your travel. Luxury liveaboards are nothing close to cheap, in term of features, services and comfort. That being said, luxurious liveaboard are often cheaper than the 5 starts hotels but operate following the same great standards.

The Arenui, the Dewi Nusantara, the Pindito and the Damai II are some of the best vessels in the world. They sail the waters of Indonesia, some exclusively on Raja Ampat, but most alternate with Komodo. Raja Ampat’s best season is during the months of October, November and December, make sure you book ahead as availability will be limited. You can join a luxury cruise as an individual, a couple or a small group. Large groups can charter the entire boat.

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One comment on “Luxury Raja Ampat Liveaboard Reviews

  1. “First impression lasts.” Well, I guess this is true to Dewi Nusantara. The first time I saw this boat, I was pretty impressed with its design. The boat has plenty of space and our cabin was roomy and tidy. Facilities were also kept clean and well-arranged.

    As for the diving, it was indeed great! The cruise director was fantastic and made sure each diving trip is very indulging. Diving itineraries were organized smoothly and managed effectively. The crew was very helpful as well. They helped us in preparing and setting up our gears and other equipment. They also assisted us in all our diving activities.

    We usually have 4 dives everyday. A hot towel welcomed us as soon as we re-surfaced above the water. We also chose to take advantage of the satisfying neck massage to relax more. It’s free! We were also privileged to meet and talk to the owner of the boat, who seemed to be so nice to be with. He also did share some interesting dive stories to us.

    To give you a short overview of the daily schedule: Breakfast is usually available at around 6am. First dive happens at around 7:30am. Second dive is at 11:00am, followed by a scrumptious lunch. Divers can relax and unwind in the spacious deck while waiting for the next dive, which is at around 2pm. You can munch on some snacks that are readily available onboard. If you are interested about night diving, you can do it at around 5pm onwards. After the night dives, we were welcomed back to the boat with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate! Yummy! Dinners were served afterwards. Speaking of dinner, it was usually tasty, especially the soup and the service was superb!

    When it comes to drinks, beer and a glass of wine were included in dinner. Coffee and sodas were also free. If you like to gobble down on some alcohol, I would advise that you should bring your own because it is sort of expensive on board.
    Dewi Nusantara truly let me experience a first class diving cruise. I had so much fun in and out of the water! Not only that! Their huge help in arranging for my flights, hotel accommodation and transfers to and from the boat and any other requests (even with the small things) I had, was really a big deal for me. I couldn’t thank enough the crew. Thanks for everything, guys!
    I’m really looking forward to my next Dewi Nusantara dive extravaganza!

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