How Deep Breathing Improves a SCUBA Diver's Health

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I breathe. You breathe. We all breathe, who doesn’t, right?

Breathing is vital for our existence. To put it candidly, if you don’t breathe, you die. Very basic and simple. But you might be knocked over by the astounding fact that a person breathes an average of 20,000 times each day! Multiply that with 365 days in a year and voila! You basically breathe 7,300,000 times per year. Take note. You still have to add the number of years you’ve been existing in this planet. Yes! I’m talking about your age and my age of course! Amazing, isn’t it?


When we breathe, we both inhale and exhale air. Very basic and simple process, yet very much needed to keep us all alive.

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Breathing delivers oxygen to every single cell in your body, from the brain to the other vital organs. Your cells need to be oxygenated in order to receive the nutrients they need and to be able to function well. The number one killer of cells is lack of oxygen. Without adequate supply of oxygen, your body becomes susceptible to health problems.

Click play and know the benefits of deep breathing.

One of the venues to practice deep breathing is when you go underwater. Going underwater allows you to inhale and exhale deeper. SCUBA diving is one way that can improve one’s your breathing technique. We SCUBA divers are trained to breathe slowly and deeply while diving, in almost all times possible. We are practically encouraged to do so in order for the air in their tank to last longer. If we have more air, it would also mean that more time can be spent underwater gazing at all the amazing underwater creatures and the likes.

Watch this video and watch how breathing is indeed one of the most centering and relaxing aspects of SCUBA diving!

However, most of us take our breathing for granted. People think that the way or manner of breathing is not really a big deal. But in reality, it is a BIG DEAL! Recent studies show that deep breathing is extremely important in over-all health and well-being of a person. And since you take more oxygen for your blood, deep breathing raises one’s levels of blood oxygen, which can bolster health in a lot of ways. It increases calmness, mental alertness and focus, and of course, it alleviates stress. It also promotes smooth blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, and improves strength and endurance. While on the other hand, fast and shallow breathing does not circulate sufficient oxygen for the body, which can result and possible lead to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and a weaker immune system.

Deep breathing is one of the skills, each of us must learn. It may sound silly, but the truth is, many people do not breathe properly. So when underwater, slow down and take a deep breath. Stop and watch how beautiful and amazing the underwater world is, even if it’s only for a moment. Breathe deeply anytime, anywhere. Happy diving everyone!

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