Best 3 Liveaboards in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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Raja Ampat is a spectacular destination located in the Coral Triangle and offers something for every diver. Around 2,500 islands and incredible coral reefs, more than 1,000 species of fish, more than coral species of which majority are hard corals and other fascinating marine life, abound in this beautiful diving paradise.

coral triangle

The Coral Triangle is considered the center of Marine Biodiversity in the Planet.

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With its rich-colored reefs, incredulous marine creatures and numerous dive sites, it is no wonder that SCUBA diving in Raja Ampat is considered among the finest in the world, Raja Ampat’s remoteness used to mean it is a secluded destination. However, the word is now out. Whether it’s in diving blogs or dive magazines, there’s barely a month that goes by without rave reviews about how amazing Rajah Ampat is!

If you want to embark on a Raja Ampat dive Liveaboard and fantasize to do 4-5 dives a day, every day and for a week or two, a liveaboard will be a good idea to help you realize your fantasy. Besides, it would be a pain in the butt to bring and fill your tank, hoist your BCD, and carry your other dive gears in and out of the water without any help or assistance from anyone.

According to Scuba board, Aquablue dreams, and other reviews from diving sites and forums, the 3 best liveaboards in Raja Ampat are: MV Pindito, Edi Frommenweiler’s baby for more than 2 decades; Dewi Nusantara, formerly known as Paradise Dancer and The Seven Seas, owned and operated by Mark Heighes and other experts who also have their fair share in the liveaboard industry.

Click play and watch how MV Pindito’s crew prepare for a dive!

Watch one of Dewi Nusantara’s diving videos and see what Rajah Ampat has to offer!

All three liveaboards are said to provide discerning divers the opportunity to ferret out one of the most exotic and diverse marine habitats on Earth, the beautiful Raja Ampat, while living and served like king and queen right on the liveaboard vessel. The length of trip, level of luxury, and price varies depending on the liveaboard you choose of course. So there’s simply no other better way to get as much incredible and varied diving extravaganza packed in a week or 2 than hopping into these awesome liveaboards!

These amazing liveaboards welcome their guests with cold welcome drinks to quench their guests thirst the moment they take a step on their sturdy, tenacious boats. Expansive dive platforms, commodious tidy cabins with crisp towels, impressive amenities and facilities, and a scrumptious array of varied local and international dishes which give guests gastronomic delight, will definitely satiate even the most cynical and demanding diver in town.

And because Raja Ampat is quite remote, it’s recommended to select a conscientious dive operator with an eye to safety and sensible diving. With available safety features, you can also expect these 3 best liveaboards to have the gadgets to keep you safe in and out of the boat. Plus these liveaboards are supervised and managed by veteran and seasoned operators in the liveaboard and diving industries and are backed-up with by dedicated, experienced and service-oriented crew of captain, dive masters, dive guides, deck hands, cooks and housekeeping personnel!

seven seas

So for days (depending on the number of days you chose) of cruising the waters of Rajah Ampat, life in any of these liveaboards is cut down and concentrated to the essentials–Dive, Eat, and Relax/Sleep. Who doesn’t want this kind of life, eh?

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Liveaboard tours are fun, judiciously priced and offer you the rare chance to visit all the best dive sites at one go. Getting on MV Pindito, Dewi Nusantara, and The Seven Seas will surely turn your diving experience into more exhilarating, riveting and stupendous one! The astounding quality service, breath-taking dive sites and stellar diving experience provided by these 3 best liveaboards in Raja ampat will definitely give you the best bang of your buck! Happy liveaboard diving! :)

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