Jobs: Saturation Diver, Hazmet Divers and other SCUBA Diving jobs!

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Actually diving is more than just a hobby. Others do it for a living. If you love SCUBA diving and you are passionate about it, maybe it’s time to take it to the next level. Why not consider getting a career related to SCUBA diving?

How about earning a living while doing what you love? Sounds too good to be true, right? Just in case you finally decided to take the plunge career-wise, consider these various SCUBA diving jobs that might be of interest to you.


Saturation Diver

Are you the type of person who’s up for challenges? You might consider becoming a Saturation Diver. These deep-sea or saturation divers breathe a combination of oxygen and helium at 164-300 feet below sea level in very hazardous conditions. Saturation Divers are bold and fearless people with extraordinary abilities to work on scientific research, maintenance of deep sea structures or working on drilling rigs.

Since their jobs are tough and can be demanding and harsher compared with other commercial diving jobs, saturation divers are paid with a hefty salary!

Hazmat divers

If saturation diving doesn’t send shivers down your spine yet, then you can opt for more an even more challenging, high-risk job… doing Hazmat diving. So if you think you’ve got the worst job on the planet then better think again! Hazmat diving do not only tests a diver’s skills but also his strength, endurance and the guts to swim into clouds of waste, inside nuclear reactors and through toxic spills on coasts and inland waterways.

Because of the great danger and hazards that comes along with the work, a huge amount of money is waiting for hazmat divers which could also mean that they are the highest paid among all commercial divers!

Their job might be one of the most disgusting and creepy jobs in the world but Hazmat divers are extremely brave people for having the most dangerous branch of the commercial diving industry.

Due to the hazardous and toxic nature of their job, Hazmat divers are always decontaminated after work.

Oil Rig Divers

To satisfy the market’s insatiable desire for oil, oil companies hire Oil Rig Divers. They are technical divers in charge of helping with the drilling, fixing of oil derrick or inspecting a pipeline. They dive deep for long periods of time so they are prepared for several decompression stops and long surface intervals. This job can be very demanding but the rewards are amazing.
oil rig diver job

A lot of divers aspire to be Oil rig Divers because of the sense of adventure, the freedom of a flexible schedule and the opportunity to travel the globe and work in faraway places.

Naval or military divers

Are you strong and resilient physically and mentally? Maybe you are not far from becoming a naval diver. Their intense training and unrivaled expertise has molded them to fulfill their missions in every corner of the world, in any condition. It helped them succeed in the perilous world of underwater adventure to accomplish their ultimate mission: to make the world a better, safer place. Their work is not only limited to diving but also involves clearing and destroying mines and explosives.

Naval or military divers are not just your typical divers for they receive indisputably the best training in the world!

Fish Farm Divers

Do you love eating seafood? Well, you should give kudos to fish farm divers for enabling you to have your regular share of fish, shrimps, crabs and other seafood. They are primarily involved in Aquaculture, which is the cultivating and farming of aquatic organisms under regulated and controlled conditions.
fish farm diver job

Aside from keeping the animals healthy, they also assist in the building, repair and maintenance activities.

So have you thought of getting a diving career? Now is the time to put that SCUBA training of yours into a rewarding profession! Take the plunge now! 

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