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Expensive, and Luxury!

MV Humboldt Explorer dive boat review

Explorer Adventures are one of a limited number of operators offering diving safari cruises to the amazing Galapagos Islands. Their vessel, MV Humboldt Explorer, is ideal for the task in hand – allowing their lucky guests to travel in style and comfort to this famous destination.


For sheer marine biodiversity the diving of the Galapagos Islands is the ultimate in larger, pelagic marine life. Historically, in 1835 the Galapagos Islands were made famous by Charles Darwin and his voyages onboard the HMS Beagle. Experts say that 20% of the life found at Galapagos is unique to their ecosystem. The islands are now a vitally important centre for marine and scientific research. This cluster of 20 volcanic islands offers the opportunity to see huge pelagic life such as hammerhead sharks, silky sharks and whale sharks. Or, on land, iguanas and penguins. The diving here can be challenging and, while visibility can be up to 30m, 10-20m is more likely depending on season and plankton in the water. Similarly, due to the converging of currents, the water temperature can range from 20-28c within one dive.



The MV Humbolt Explorer is powered by Detroit Diesel motors and capable of crusing at 10knots. Built in 2009 she has all the required safety and emergency features. Equipment onboard includes radar, radio (VHF/DSC/SSB), depth sounder, GPS, oxygen and first aid. MV Humbolt Explorer is 34m in length and 6.5m in beam. Her closest peer in terms of size and accommodation would be the equally impressive MV Galapagos Master.

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Cabins and Boat Layout


Humbolt Explorer accomodates has space for 16 auspicious guests plus crew.


mv humbolt explorer deck plan liveaboard review


The cabins are all ‘Staterooms’. Each cabin (with the exception of cabins #3 and #4) offers a choice of either queen-sized double or twin single berths. There is a wardrobe, windows for a light and airy atmosphere, TV, wardrobe for clothes and a private ensuite bathroom with shower facilities.


mv humbolt explorer twin cabin liveaboard review



To ensure a comfortable and restful night’s sleep prior to each day’s diving each cabin is air-conditioning. The cabins are located on either the main or lower deck depending on selection.


mv humbolt explorer dining area liveaboard review



Back on the main deck you’ll find a salon and dining area, also air-conditioned. Relax and make use of the entertainment system here or chat with your fellow guests and exchange diving stories.


mv humbolt explorer salon liveaboard review



If you’re more of a sun-worshipper, the vessel also features a partially covered sun-deck with plenty of seating for every guest to have a place in the sun if they wish. In addition, there’s a Jacuzzi should you wish to sit in a bath of bubbles while surveying the stunning landscape.


mv humbolt explorer shaded sun deck liveaboard review

Relax in the sun



Food is a combination of western and local foods and snacks are on offer throughout the day.



Diving onboard Humbolt Explorer


The vessel is designed to suit the needs of divers. The roomy dive deck has a camera table (including a charging station), individual storage areas for each diver’s equipment and rinse tanks for toys and gadgets.


mv humbolt explorer dive tender liveaboard review

Dive RIB/Tender


The instructors and guides will thoroughly brief you on each dive site and, subsequently, the dives are conducted from two large RIBs or ‘pangas’ which allow you to be dropped in the best spot and picked-up where required.


Currents can range from 1-5 knots and experience of drift diving and SMB use is essential. Nitrox is available for a reasonable charge and is highly recommended for repetitive diving.





There is a choice of 8 or 11 day itineraries depending on your individual time and budget constraints. Dive site selection is obviously subject to the prevailing conditions.


Expect to pay around EUR4,332 for a 8 day trip. This equates to approximately EUR541/day. While not inexpensive, this is one of the ultimate diving trips on the planet. Please note that this does not include some extras such as port/marine park fees, nitrox fills and equipment rental. Please contact us for further details.

Where does this liveaboard dive boat go?

Check out the fabulous places where this dive boat travels to.
Note: some destinations may not be listed below, please enquire for more details.


Wolf Island and it's neighbor Darwin Island are the highlight of any Galapagos Islands Liveaboard.

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