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Sea Coral

The 19 meters long Sea Coral offers scub … Continue reading

Sea Coral Liveaboard Review


The 22 meters Koimala operates as a scub … Continue reading

Koimala Liveaboard Review


The 21.6 meters Kethi is a liveaboard of … Continue reading

Kethi Liveaboard Review


The 21 meters Gahaa is a liveaboard oper … Continue reading

Gahaa Liveaboard Review


The 29 meters Gurahali is a liveaboard s … Continue reading

Gurahali Liveaboard Review


The 20 meters Dschubba liveaboard offers … Continue reading

Dschubba Liveaboard Review

Dhoni Stella 2

The Dhoni Stella 2 is a 23 meters privat … Continue reading

Dhoni Stella 2 Liveaboard Review

Dhoni Stella 1

The 23 meters long Dhoni Stella 1 is a s … Continue reading

Dhoni Stella 1 Liveaboard Review


The Dhaainkan Baa is a very luxurious li … Continue reading

Dhaainkan’baa Liveaboard Review

MV Carina

MV Carina is a 33 meters liveaboard oper … Continue reading

MV Carina Liveaboard Review

Cajoma IV

The Cajoma IV is a newer 30 meters long … Continue reading

Cajoma IV Liveaboard Review

C-Echo 2

The C-Echo II is a 36 meters liveaboard … Continue reading

C-Echo 2 Liveaboard Review

C-Echo 1

The 31 meters long liveaboard C-Echo 1 o … Continue reading

C-Echo 1 Liveaboard Review

Banka Ona

The 33 meters Banka Ona is a liveaboard … Continue reading

Banka Ona Liveaboard Review

Andaman Tritan

The 24.5 meters Andaman Tritan is a live … Continue reading

Andaman Tritan Liveaboard Review

Great Escape

The 24 meters Great Escape is an operati … Continue reading

Great Escape Liveaboard Review


The 24 meters Jambo is a catamaran, oper … Continue reading

Jambo Liveaboard Review

Aqua Tiki II

The 18 meters Aqua Tiki II operates as a … Continue reading

Aqua Tiki II Liveaboard Review


The 22 meters Queen Esia is a liveaboard … Continue reading

QueenEsia Liveaboard Review

KM Bidadari

The 37 meters Bidadari is a liveaboard c … Continue reading

KM Bidadari Liveaboard Review

MV Tarata

Owned by the Grand Komodo Fleet, the MV … Continue reading

MV Tarata Liveaboard Review

MV Nusa Tara

The 20 meters Nusa Tara operates as a li … Continue reading

MV Nusa Tara Liveaboard Review

MV Putri Papua

The Putri Papua is a 26 meters wooden sc … Continue reading

MV Putri Papua Liveaboard Review