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Expensive, and Luxury!

MV Ocean Hunter III dive boat review

MV Ocean Hunter III is the most recent and most opulent addition to the Ocean Hunter fleet which are based in Palau. Touring the stunning reef systems of Palau, there are few more pleasant ways to dive the area.


Palau itself is a country consisting of approximately 250 islands across the western Pacific Ocean. Palau features one of the most diverse eco-systems of marine life on planet; it’s location meaning it has largely remained untouched by human interaction.


The islands of Palau are home to amazing macro-life, exotic smaller reef fish – such as the colourful Mandarin Fish – and, also, larger marine life such as sharks and rays. Palau is a diver’s dream destination.

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MV Ocean Hunter III is a 29m long vessel, 8m in beam and with a displacement of 226 tons. Steel construction and with 375hp engines, she is capable of effortlessly powering you between dive sites. Although marginally smaller in dimensions than her direct competitor, MV Palau Aggressor II, she is considerably larger and more stable than her sister vessel, MV Ocean Hunter I.


Featuring a full compliment of safety equipment in compliance with US Coast Guard requirements, Ocean Hunter III is a sturdy and safe vessel illustrating demonstrably the 25 years of experience Ocean Hunter fleet have poured into this vessel.


Cabins and Boat Layout


Ocean Hunter III is capable of catering to 16 guests. The guests are accommodated in a choice of 2 Master Staterooms, 3 Deluxe Cabins and 3 Standard Cabins.


mv ocean hunter III floor plan lower deck liveaboard review

mv ocean hunter III floor plan liveaboard review

mv ocean hunter III floor plan upper deck liveaboard review


Standard cabins include a queen-sized double bed along with a single bunk. Ample storage space and wardrobes are also within the cabin.


Deluxe cabins feature a king-sized double bed with single bunk overhead.


mv ocean hunter III cabin liveaboard review


The Master State Rooms are the most luxurious option. Equipped to Mega-Yacht standards boast an even larger double bed, increased living space, private TV/DVD and mini bar. There is also a computer desk/table and a sofa which doubles as an additional bed.


All cabins are tastefully trimmed and, as you would anticipate, feature air-conditioning and ensuite bathroom, head and basin.


Outside of the cabins there is more than adequate space and facilities. At the end of day’s diving you may wish to relax in the Salon. The Salon on the main deck features a large wall-mounted TV and DVD system, 4 large sofas and a computer station for you to tweak your photos. It’s a great place to relax with a movie or book or, alternatively, chat with some of the other guests.


Also on this deck you’ll find the dining area. There are four individual tables at which you may dine in comfort. There’s also another large TV here, mini-bar and coffee machine.


mv ocean hunter III saloon liveaboard review


Moving to the upper deck you’ll find the sun deck. A great place to relax in one of the Jacuzzis and watch the sun set with a drink. Or, you’re looking to top up your tan, there are loungers and tables and chairs at which you may whittle away the surface interval.


Diving onboard Ocean Hunter III


Scuba diving is the purpose of the visit however. Ocean Hunter III has been laid out with divers in mind.


The Dive Deck and Gear Room are spacious. In the semi-dry gear room there is an area where you can charge and make adjustments to your photography equipment.


The Dive Deck is capable of accommodating tanks up to 15litres if required and the compressor and facilities allow gas blending to individual qualifications and requirements.


mv ocean hunter III cabin 2 liveaboard review


After your briefing from one of the experienced professional divers, you’ll dive from the purpose built chase boat that will take you to the best reefs. Safety is paramount and all divers are required to carry a ‘safety sausage’ – a DSMB. Nitrox is available on Ocean Hunter III and, as always, is highly recommended for repetitive diving.




Different length itineraries are available. Typically a voyage would be between 8-11 days.


Expect to budget approximately EUR3,210 for an 8 day voyage. This equates to EUR403/day. However, please note that this does not include some extras such as equipment rental, entry to some marine parks, nitrox and alcoholic drinks. Please contact us for further details.

More information about the best dive sites in Palau here and about the Palau Liveaboards.

Where does this liveaboard dive boat go?

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Palau is within the coral triangle and is one of the “Seven Underseas Wonders of the World".

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