Best Costa Rica Liveaboard Diving 2023

Best Liveaboards in Costa Rica

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Liveaboard Diving

costa rica diving liveaboard trip map

Costa Rica, literally meaning “Rich Coast”, is officially named the Republic of Costa Rica. The country is home to a rich variety of plants and animals and one fourth of the country’s land are protected areas.

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Scuba diving and diving conditions in Costa Rica


Diving around Costa RIca gives SCUBA divers the chance to see different types of sharks, rays, and marine turtles. Plus, divers are very likely to encounter large schools of pelagic fish in almost every dive. Divers who will chose to go to Cocos Island are likely to have an encounter with the hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and the manta rays.

Visibility: Usually ranges from 15 to 30 meters.
Water Temperature: Generally ranges from 26 to 29ºC.
Weather: Mornings are usually sunny while rains usually are expected in the afternoons.

Best time to go for a liveaboard cruise in Costa Rica

June through September generally brings the best visibility. In the months of December to March, animals such as the pilot whales, manta rays and sharks appear in the area. Whale season is from January to March and Humpback whales usually appear in June and July.

Liveaboard routes


divesites And routes for Costa Rica diving

Cocos Island – The majority of the divers visit Cocos Island on a liveaboard. Expect to see pelagic fishes, rays, whales and sharks in this area.

cocos island in costa rica for liveaboard and diving

Cocos Island

Check out this page – Cocos Island Liveaboard – to know more about Cocos Islands dive cruises.

Best dive sites in Costa Rica

Caño Island – Being a protected area, marine life such as reef fish, invertebrates and coral reefs surround this pristine island. Larger animals such as manta rays, moray eels, sharks, orcas, dolphins, and whales are also known to be seen in the water around Caño Island.

Catalina Islands –The underwater arches, volcanic rock formations and caves give the island its amazing underwater structure. However, the site is recommended for more experienced divers as the dives are non-anchored.

Bat Island –This definitely is the only dive site in Costa Rica where you can have an up close and personal encounter with the bull shark. As exciting as this dive site can be, the area is recommended for advanced divers due to its strong current.

Virador – This volcanic island has a shark cave, where rays and reef sharks can be seen as well as schools colorful reef fishes.

Tortuga Islands – The only dive site in the country with three shipwrecks for diving: The coastguard ships Franklin Chang Diaz and Coronel Alfonso Monge and Caroline Star, which is a great wreck for advanced divers.

tortuga islands map in costa rica diving

Tortuga Islands dive sites map




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