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Dive depth Normal diving depth, 10-25m

Cod Hole dive site is located on The Great Barrier Reef in the North of Queensland, Australia. It is one of the of the best dive sites in Australia! It is famous for the friendly giant Potato Cods you can observe there.

This dive site is easy with generally no current and good visibility. The average depth of the spot is 15 meters and Cod Hole is suitable for all level of divers.

Marine Life

The marine life is teeming at Code hole but the big stars here are the large (up to 30 Kg) Potato Cods and Maori Wrasses. There live there and are very friendly to divers due to feeding taking place here for the last 30 years.

You will also spot the usual fishes of the Great Barrier Reef like the Whitetip Reef Sharks, The Emperor Angel fishes or Trigger fishes.

Aparently, the Cod Hole is named after its resident Potato Cods. These cods are identified by its small spots and black oval marks. They can grow as much as 2 meters in length!

This dive site offers amazing opportunities for underwater photography so don’t forget your camera!


Cod hole is situated in the Coral Sea, on the Ribbon Reef number 10, which is a part of the Great Barrier Reef about 190 Kilometres from Port Douglas.
To dive there, you need to take a liveaboard trip from Cairns or Port Douglas for 4 or 5 days. They usually dive Cod Hole on their way to Osprey Reef and the world Famous dive site of North Horn where you can see all the Sharks of the Great Barrier Reef!
It is also possible to explore Cod Hole on a day trip from Lizard Island.

This dive site is very popular and can be sometimes crowded during high season!

This location is a Reef.

You can dive Cod Hole all year long. Access: from the Shore. See the map of Cod Hole on the right for the exact location.

Cod Hole Cod Hole dive site is located on The Great Barrier Reef in the North of Queensland, Australia. It is... Julien 5

Fishes you may spot while diving Cod Hole

  • Angel Fish Angel Fish
  • Barracuda Barracuda
  • Batfish Batfish
  • Boxfish Boxfish
  • Frogfish Frogfish
  • Goatfish Goatfish
  • Lion Fish Lion Fish
  • Lobster Lobster
  • Moray Eel Moray Eel
  • Parrotfish Parrotfish
  • Whitetip Shark Whitetip Shark

... and more fishes & sea life, Nurse Shark, Wobbegong Shark


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2 dive logs in “Cod Hole”

  1. Excellent dive. Very easy with lots of the large cod qnd several white tip sharks napping on the bottom. I was on the Spoilsport (Mike Ball liveaboard) and had a fantastic time. It would be an appropriate dive for anyone from beginner to advanced.

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