MY Scubaspa Ying and Yang Liveaboard Review

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MY Scubaspa Ying and Yang dive boat review

MY Scubaspa Ying and it’s sister vessel MY Scubaspa Yang are operated by the Maldivian Liveaboard Scubaspa company, based in Male, Maldives.

They describe themselves as a luxury level holiday provider, offering the scuba diving and spa relaxation experience the name suggests. Both of these large safari yachts are purpose built to cruise in the paradise-like waters of the Maldives. A pair of floating luxury resorts, M/Y Scubaspa Ying and M/Y Scubaspa Yang offer everything required for divers and non-divers alike.

You can check the availability and prices for the ScubaSpa YANG boat

The M/Y Scubaspa Ying and Yang were built and launched in 2013. Both of these identical vessels were designed and sculptured specifically for purpose, the result of decades of decades of dive boat evolution. They are trimmed with fine imported materials to create a comforting balance of light and texture and to offer guests the intimate feeling of a luxury resort with the required space and privacy.

At 50m long and 11m beam the Scubapro Ying and Yang liveaboards are two of the largest safari vessels cruising the Maldives.

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Cabin & Layout review

M/Y Scubaspa Ying and Yang have 4 deck levels comprising 21 cabins catering for a maximum of 40 guests. There are a choice of cabins to suit requirements and budget; from Sea Star cabins through to the larger Cowrie and Manta Suites.


There is a traditional diving Dhoni to accompany the main vessel. This acts as a base for diving activities and also, crucially, is an evacuation vessel capable of carrying all guests and staff in the event of an emergency.


Scubaspa Dhoni

Scubaspa Ying and Yang Maldives Itineraries

The M/Y Scubaspa Ying and Yang itineraries vary between North or South Atoll routes, so investigate which Maldives dive sites interest you before booking. In addition to scuba packages, there are specific Spa, Scuba Taster and even Honeymoon packages available to suit your particular requirements.

As you would expect at this level of luxury cruise vessel, every cabin or suite enjoys spacious accommodation – whichever you choose; finished in the most beautiful materials and to the highest standard. Each cabin has it’s own climate control and ample under-bed luggage storage and wardrobes.

Outside of the cabins the MY Scubaspa Ying and Yang has every conceivable facility. Specially designed terraces for sun worship, Spa facilities for you to relax and unwind and two bars.


Ying & Yang Restaurant


Cowrie Suite Cabin


Spa Area

Cuisine onboard

The restaurant presents a varied cuisine combining fresh produce with the finest wines, whilst delicious refreshments are in constant supply throughout the day!

Safety of guests is a priority and, as expected, there is full safety facilities onboard from fire detection systems, emergency lighting, first aid kits and oxygen.

With regard to budgeting for this vessel, expect upwards of USD2,300 to USD3,500 for one the more luxurious cruises. Not inexpensive but a stunning option for your Maldivian cruise!

Where does this liveaboard dive boat go?

Check out the fabulous places where this dive boat travels to.
Note: some destinations may not be listed below, please enquire for more details.

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Great Drift Dives, amazing place for underwater photography. Good chance of spotting Manta Rays and Whale Sharks!

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5 liveaboard reviews for “MY Scubaspa Ying and Yang”

  1. Booked a one week stay on MV ScubaSpa Yang and my sister and I have never been closer. We used to enjoy diving with our dad during college and we haven’t been really together for a long time ever since took different paths for our careers. So for a well over a year, we planned a dream vacation where we could celebrate our birthdays which were only three days apart. And so it happened, we found ourselves in the airport where the crew was waiting for us. It was our second time in Maldives but our first time to do a live aboard.

    We were amazed on how everything went together onboard MV ScubaSpa Yang. From briefing on the crew, the boat, safety precautions and the like, we knew we chose the right vessel. We had three dives in a day except for the last day where we had two to accommodate our transfer schedule. The number of dives was just right for us since we get to have ample time to see underwater marine life and appreciate the amenities as well that we had on the boat. It was a balance of life above the waves and below the waves. We had meditation classes and pampered ourselves with Thai massages and had some time in the Jacuzzi on the top deck.

    There were night dives and time to get dirty with the sand on barbecue night. Amazing vacation and exactly what we wanted!

  2. I and a group of friends decided to go on a diving trip a few months back. We decided we wanted to try the lush waters of Maldives and see what was in store for us. While checking online for the best live aboard operating the waters of Maldives, I came across the Scubaspa Ying. Having seen the amazing reviews and the countless recommendations, I knew we had to try it, so I signed up myself and my friends for a 7 day cruise, and I was definitely not disappointed.
    First, the boat itself was a beauty, massive and stylish; it was a total eye candy. The rooms we were set in on the upper decks were all fitted with a flat screen TV, large king-sized bed and an en-suite bathroom. They all had air conditioning and wireless service, and It almost felt like home. ;-)

    The boat also had a spa on the top floor; it was lavish with a full size bath. It also had two bars, a Jacuzzi, and a yoga deck. There was also a massive sun deck on top. There were lots of places to hang out in the sun and the shade. It was all decadent. The food was also to die for, with wide-ranging selections of food spanning from Asian to Western and European cuisines.

    Last but not the least, the diving was terrific. The dive masters were very professional and knew where the best spots were. The team and crew were magnificent, attentive and fun.
    I have to say that as an experienced diver; I still learned something new from them. ;-) All in all, our time on that cruise was nothing short of amazing. I loved every minute of it. It was one of, if not the best trips I’ve taken and the Ying and Maldives are places I would definitely come back to, time and again.

  3. My dream Maldives honeymoon was beyond perfect! I was a beginner diver and my husband professional and we couldn’t at first figure out how to do a liveaboard since it was going to be my first time. I envisioned our honeymoon to be relaxing and away from stress and doing a rugged-come-and-dive-and-go live aboard didn’t exactly fit my idea, well not up until we saw this online!

    It was a good match for us. I was a mix of a spa-goer, beginner diver and my husband was into underwater photography as his hobby. MV Scubaspa Yang had it all. I enjoyed the dives where the current wasn’t so strong so I get to share the experience with my husband and during the times that I get to be alone on the boat, I spent having yoga classes for best relaxation.

    After a long day, we retire to our cabin and it was a spacious room. We took the dolphin suite and it was gorgeous. Everywhere the boat screams it was well-thought of and designed. Everything was well-kept and good.

    From booking to the cruise and to dropping us back, we had no problems with the schedule, crew or other guests. We had a lot of fun and great memories of the ScubaSpa Yang.

  4. I can’t say enough positive things about this cruise. We all had a wonderful time, the diving was great, the support was wonderful, the boat was comfortable and clean and the food was delicious. The crew was entirely available to us, and did everything they could to make our stay pleasant and memorable. The joy all the diving masters expressed when we found our Whale Shark was so sincere. They had as much fun as we did. I look forward to returning to this ship again with my daughter.

    • Hi Mrs. Aikin!
      I simply want to thank you for taking the time to share your impressions about this diving cruise on Divezone!
      It is truly helpful for fellow divers and travelers! Plus, it’s great to read amazing liveaboard stories!

      Best bubbles, always!

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