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On the Divezone blog, we write about the latest news in scuba diving, exotic trip reports, tips for divers, underwater photography tips, and news about nature and the oceans. You can even >submit your articles (eg. your latest trip report!), and many great writers did: Welcome to one of the best scuba diving blog!

Julien, Diving advisor

Underwater Cameras Bend Laws of Physics!

This device allows you to do what the hell you want in the water! Brilliant!  To the untrained eye of the average scuba diver or instructor, the above device may appear to be an underwater camera; a relatively common digital … Continue reading

Why You will Love Diving in the Maldives

Maldives features some of the most exquisite marine environments on Earth. Laden with coral reefs and sandy atolls, there is every reason to go on a diving trip to the Maldives. Witnessing the underwater realm of this remote location is … Continue reading

Dive Report: Diving at Moalboal and Oslob, Cebu, Philippines

Shawn and Abegailare both PADI Advanced Open Water certified divers with about 120 logged dives. They are from Singapore and are planning to move to Melbourne, Australia permanently. They are looking forward to diving there and hopefully doing a cage … Continue reading

Dive Industry Evolution

The Scuba Monkey Speaks… In the last few decades the number of people who are Scuba Diving has increased. The PADI statistics state that the number of certified divers (under their agency) in 2012 were just over 21 million people. … Continue reading

A Trip To The Movies

The Scuba Monkey Speaks… How many of you out there reading this began Scuba Diving having read a book on it? Not many. How many of you gave diving a go for the first time because a partner cajoled you … Continue reading

Craggy Island Dreaming

The thing about my job is, I meet all sorts of divers. Professional divers, semi-professional divers, journalists, instructors, divemasters, club divers, tekkies, student divers, pleasure divers, cocktail divers, wannabe professional divers, divers of all agencies from BSAC to SSI. All … Continue reading

Dive Report: Galapagos Island, Ecuador June 2013 - Journey to the Hammerheads

Chris Dai is telling us about his Galapagos Island, Ecuador June 2013 diving trip. He has been a SCUBA diver for the last 8 years, and has started shooting pictures underwater 3 years ago. Based in Singapore, he has been … Continue reading

The Top SCUBA Diving Jobs for 2013 (Part II)

SCUBA diving can be a short-time distraction from the challenges and down moments in life or a lifetime diversion from the corporate world you’re living in. For sure, every SCUBA diver’s dream is to go exciting dive places such as … Continue reading

Top SCUBA Diving Jobs for 2013 (Part I)

Do you like exploring the underwater realm? Are you having a helluva lot of fun when SCUBA diving? SCUBA diving is more than just a hobby, recreation or sport. You can dive not only for fun but also for job. … Continue reading

How to Choose a Snorkel

Snorkelling is a popular activity that involves swimming face down in the water while breathing through a slender plastic tube called a snorkel. Snorkelers use a mask to appreciate the submerged objects and wear fins to propel themselves. Scuba divers … Continue reading

How to choose your Dive Computers

Underwater diving has become a very popular sport nowadays and is not only limited on the ocean but also on other bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and ponds. On a typical dive outing, SCUBA divers plan on how … Continue reading

How Deep Breathing Improves a SCUBA Diver's Health

I breathe. You breathe. We all breathe, who doesn’t, right? Breathing is vital for our existence. To put it candidly, if you don’t breathe, you die. Very basic and simple. But you might be knocked over by the astounding fact … Continue reading

How To Choose Your Diving Wetsuit

One of the predicaments that haunt most of the SCUBA divers is actually choosing the right diving gear, equipment and accessories. And this definitely includes the wetsuit. Thus, each and every diver should know how to select the right wetsuit … Continue reading

Best 3 Liveaboards in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is a spectacular destination located in the Coral Triangle and offers something for every diver. Around 2,500 islands and incredible coral reefs, more than 1,000 species of fish, more than coral species of which majority are hard corals … Continue reading

World Nomad Travel Insurance Review

You have planned your dream dive trip months ago, even double-checked your travel itinerary and flight schedules. But wait! Have you ever thought of getting a travel insurance? In most cases, people take travel insurance lightly and most of the … Continue reading

What to take on a Remote Dive Trip?

Maldives, Galapagos Islands, Belize, Raja Ampat, Fiji, Komodo Island—these are just few of the exotic and breathtaking diving destinations in our planet. Maybe most of you have already heard about them, and even lucky enough to set foot on these … Continue reading

How Diving and Snorkelling keep you fit

You wake up one day feeling lumpy, sluggish, and worse, horrified while looking at the extra 5 pounds being added on your expanding waistline. You’re wondering if it’s just the holidays that took their toll on you or it’s just … Continue reading

Shark Diving in Aliwal Shoal, South Africa

Eldene Eyssell from South Africa is telling us about her diving trip in Aliwal Shoal in South Africa. If you wish also to publish your article, contact me. Dive Report Aliwal Shoal, Umkomaas, KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, South Africa by Eldene. … Continue reading

How to Prepare and Leave for a Dive Holiday!

There is actually nothing more engaging and stimulating than exploring the amazing and mind blowing depths of the ocean and being among the wide array of spectacular species of marine life. But dive holidays are usually quite more complicated than … Continue reading

The Next Step, Part 2. Open Water Advanced Skills.

  A year or two back I used to live in Asia. Thailand specifically. I love the Thai people as a rule of thumb. It’s quite easy to generalise and slip into national stereotypes, but I found that almost without … Continue reading

The Next Step, Part 1. From Open Water to Advanced Open Water!

Everybody loves Apple products. They’re slowly but surely taking over the world. A bit like Tescos. And there’s a good reason for that. Number one, they’re perceived as ‘cool’ – so people buy their stuff regardless of cost (known in … Continue reading

Jangamo Bay Diving Trip Blog Report

Eldene Eyssell from South Africa is telling us about her awesome diving trip in Jangamo Bay, Mozambique. If you wish also to publish your article in this Scuba Diving Blog, contact me. Mozambique has some wonderful diving, from Ponta do … Continue reading

Scuba Diving Blog: How to Choose Dive Fins?

Can you imagine yourself diving without the use or help of dive fins? Surprisingly, diving is still actually possible without the said gear. If you are using heavy or bulky dive gear, you will definitely end up exerting too much … Continue reading

Diving Blog: Know your limitations! Risk Management in Scuba Diving.

Risk Management in Scuba Diving It’s not the end, it’s the beginning.   “I was doing dives to over 30m/100 feet, at night, solo, with just that Open Water certification card (and an EAN certification). And night dives, boat dives, … Continue reading

Blog: Sodwana Dive Trip Report, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Traveling & Scuba Diving in Sodwana, South Africa Eldene Eyssell from South Africa is telling us about her awesome diving trip in Sodwana Bay, South Africa. If you wish also to publish your article, contact me. Sodwana is my favourite … Continue reading